Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Chicken tenders and enchiladas

So, I have taken the advice of my mother and actually planned my meals last week. This kid stuff is new to me, remember, and Im used to just winging it with meals. I cant really do that. If I dont plan, and then shop for what I need, we end up eating out a lot and that is something that I dont think is good for the body or the bank account. So, moms advice is working.

I think I can do this mother of three thing. I almost have dinner licked. Of course 4 days of the week, hubby cooks. Hey, at least he doesnt have to decide what to make. I do that for him and I even buy all the stuff. He is a good cook though, so that helps.

So far the kids' favorites are the chicken tenders I made and the chicken enchiladas. They like the meat loaf too, but the real awesome part of that was the Australian potatoes. They are called Hot Potato Crash or something. Anyway, they are great and if you want to know the recipe, go to here:

They are delicious, and easy and reading the recipes is fun because the way they are written with humor. Its fun try it.


Erin said...

Hey girl! Your recipes sound yummy but for some reason, I can't see the link. Could you email it to me (epatterson22@yahoo.com)? Thanks!

obladi oblada said...

Yes, I will! It may be a day or so, but I will!!