Sunday, July 20, 2008

The bionic nose and mood detector....

Adam has the strongest sense of smell of anyone I have ever met. If it has the slightest odor at all you can NOT hide it from this child. Im serious, Im thinking he should be studied at a University somewhere. Im thinking about changing his name to Pluto (the Disney Pluto is a bloodhound, you know, Im not talking about the ex planet because that wouldnt make sense, now would it?). God forbid we are near stinky people in public, because he WILL ask what smells. I often hear this: "What do I smell?" My answer is usually, "who knows".

If its something hes never seen before he wants to smell it. Not just food either, ANYTHING! Is this normal? Is it a sign of some wierd mental thing? Someone please tell me because it is beginning to freak me out.

Also if I have some ugly little thoughts bouncing around in my head and Im crabby, but trying to keep it to myself but its showing on my face, he will say: "Mom, whats that face for?"

Sigh. Even if Im minding my own business and thinking my own thoughts, he notices. Nope cant hide a thing, odor or mood from this kid.

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