Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day Field Trip

So, today I went on a field trip with my son's fourth grade class. It was a trip for the entire school, it was an earth day event (even though that was yesterday)where we went on the nature trails and there were different stations set up for the kids to learn "earthy" things. It was very cool. Im completely exhausted and my legs and back hurt because we walked from the school to the trails and down the trails and back, and there is a mega-hill we have to endure. Im too old for this crud. It was fun though.

It was an educational day for me as well. I learned lots of neat stuff like just because you meet and are nice to your son's friends, doesnt mean you will be remembered. I saw one of my son's friends from another class and I said Hi to him and he said "hi, do I know you?" Um...yeah, kid I fed you lunch in my dining room for five days straight during Christmas break. Mom's must be faceless entities with arms and hands that dispense food. Im a mobile vending machine, only I dont get any money for my service. Anyway, that made me laugh.

I learned to have a new respect for such herding breeds such as Border Collies because that is what I felt like today, running back and forth herding children this way and that.

I learned why some children are overweight..the amount of junk that some people pack in there kids' lunches or backpacks is Craaaazzzzy. Hello, they were going for a couple of hours, with lunch included, they arent going away for a week. Sheesh.

I learned to pay more attention when S talks in the grocery store before a field trip. She hates jelly, and said last night in the store..the school lunch for the field trip is peanut butter and jelly. My words I believe were, "Oh that sounds good". What she was really saying was, "mom, I HATE jelly, please provide me with something else". Im kind of dense sometimes, so I didnt get that. So, while watching N eat his pb&j, it dawned on me and I ran off in search of S with my sandwhich (pastrami) in hand, scared that she is half starved. I found her and gave her my sandwhich, which gobbled down quickly. I felt like a sucky mom for a second.

Then I found my little boy...playing duck duck goose, and I learned that not all adults who volunteer for field trips have brains or are really paying attention, especially to YOUR kid. He got plowed over good during the game, in the face, and was obviously hurt. I was kind of far from him and two "volunteer parents" were right there and didnt even ask if he was ok...morons. So, I went over there to check on him, and he was crying, but was ok. They acted like he was invisible. Yeah, smoke another joint before the field trip....I gave them the stink eye. I admit it. Im not real nice when I have been running my legs off, find out Im forgetable, and starving. was a good day, and I imagine I will do it again next year. Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Here's the duck duck goose ring, before the collision. A is the cute one.

Part of the awful hill we had to overcome...down was easy, its "up" Im paying for now. Yeah, Im a baby. Deal with it.

My handsome son and one of his class buddies.

My very smart son and his "GPS Partner" at the GPS station where they were given GPS's and had to find stuff. I found something during this bag of chips in my backpack...

No, this kid in the middle isnt hurt. Nor, is he overcome with warmth and love for his friends. He is pretending that he is drunk...yeah.


Mel said...

I am so glad my thought pattern is not the only one like it, your description of that trip was priceless!!!

Heather Cherry said...

Did you bite the kids ankles whilst herding them?

I think it's adorable that you freaked out about the sandwich. What a great momma you are.

Erin said...

Ahhh...field trips...teachers should get extra pay for those...they make me break out in a cold sweat. Most parents just come to observe and don't really help - you sound like you were a fantastic chaperone!!!

obladi oblada said...

Mel: Thank you!

HC: I only nipped at the kid who didnt remember me. Thanks for the great mom compliment, Im tryin'.

Erin: Ive missed you! I told N's teacher that I thought it was fun..she said, "Its ok..Id be having more fun if I was just a parent"...before we left she said: "Im already tired!" She's a great teacher, I like her a lot.