Thursday, October 23, 2008


I sure do love them. I always forget they are out there, which is a good thing. Today, though I was not allowed to forget. There is a box of them in the break room. If I could find the evil person that put them there, it would not be good for them. I ate one and it was awwesssommme.

It was orange, for Halloween, which makes it even better. Oooh and it had little sprinkles on it. sigh. I want more. I cant though....Ill gain 5 pounds per doughnut, so its not worth it. I better just stay in my office and not go into the breakroom for ANYTHING. I must cut all ties with anyone who is associated with doughnuts, no matter how much it will hurt. I hope they understand, my doughnut sobriety is much more important. In fact Im locking my office door so no one can show up IN my office clutching doughnut box and smiling, "...we have doughnuts, here." I may go bizerk.

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Erin said...

I did that tonight with the Halloween candy. I was making treat bags for my class and I would make a bag or two and grab a piece of candy. AAAAH! It's addictive. :)