Tuesday, October 7, 2008


If Im not more careful my kids will be as twisted as I am. They dont get my sense of humor, which I have apparently got from my mother (although she is MUCH funnier than I am). Anyway, my kids love to watch Animal Planet, and it is one of the few things I allow them to watch. We (me really) especially like to watch those shows where animals are attacking people. Here is where it all goes wrong. I LAUGH!!!

I cant help it. When a woman jumps over a barricade and walks UP to a polar bear enclosure, right up to the stinkin' bars, to get a better picture, and the big white beast grabs her leg and pulls it through the bars, all I can do is laugh. I mean can you BE anymore stupid? I think not. Its not a "oh, she is dumb, I think I will laugh at her now" moment. Its automatic, I.cant.help.it.

What really got me though was the man who rubbed female deer urine all over himself to attrack a big buck. Ok, ok. I know hunters do that stuff (not my hub though!) sometimes, maybe it is a hunter thing to do but it was still funny. He found his buck alright! The clip showed the guy on the ground and a big deer was beating the snot out of him with his front hooves. PUMMELING him. And I laughed, a big old loud belly laugh, too. I mean, where was his GUN? Did the buck get up on its hind legs and tip toe up behind the hunter? How did this happen? Im sorry if this offensive but Im just being honest here.

So my kids laughed too. Fine. The next story was a couple who were walking and MINDING THEIR OWN BUSINESS and got attacked by a cougar (please dont stop reading, I didnt laugh here)and they were really messed up. The guy was wearing an eye patch and in a neck brace and the woman had stitches all over her face. My kids LAUGHED. OOPS.

I was mortified. I had to turn the tv off for minute and we had to talk. I tried to explain the difference, one person was breaking rules and/or being stupid, the others were just out for a walk and not bothering the cougar, he just snuck up on them, and thats what happens sometimes. It isnt anyone's fault, and it is NOT funny.

N got it. Im not sure about S. A did not. Everytime he saw someone getting mauled or hurt somehow by an animal, he LAUGHED. So, I guess Im not allowed to watch that anymore, because I wont be able to stop myself from laughing at some of them. Im afraid Im not doing a very good job of teaching empathy am I? Hopefully Im teaching them about stupidity though.

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