Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Situation rectified

So all three kids are in their afterschool things. The lady in charge of that stuff did call me back. A is all set. So, I dont have to go over there and threaten anyone, which is really nice.

I left work early and rushed home to have dinner made by the time they came home, since the hub is out in the mountains looking to asssasinate Bambi. They came through the door and said, as they smelled dinner, "Mom, we already ATE dinner at school" I had completely forgot that school feeds them too.

I just think that is weird. I mean, its nice, dont get me wrong. Especially with the price of food now. On a school day, my kids eat all three meals there. I had made chili dogs too, which N has been asking for. Oh, well, I forced to eat one. After all, they were MADE already.

So, the other day on Torina's blog (or was it like a week or so ago?) she mentioned how you will gain weight after you adopt. It is true. I have only gained a couple, but I dont see any signs of it slowing down, since Im always WANTING to eat. Like right now, Im eating one of those vending machine cookies. Oatmeal Raisin. Yes, yes it is good. I have slowed down on the Starburst though (NOT starBUCKS people, starBurst, for heavens sake).


Torina said...

Mmmm, oatmeal raisin...starbursts...I wish I lived closer to a store...it is the only thing that is stopping me from gaining 100 pounds.

obladi oblada said...

Unfortunately I DO live close to a store. Oh, and the vending machine at work is always such a big help too.

Scandi said...

Mine was oreo's double stuff. It is definitely true that you gain weight after adoption. An attorney I work with couldn't figure out why she was gaining weight. I told her it was because they had just adopted - she was surprised to hear that that would happen. I told her it did to me.