Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ho hum...

Life has been kind of ho hum lately. I guess considering all that could be happening, it is a good thing.

Lets see what is new? We got a kitten. Yep. Well, actually it got us. It followed my mom and I as we were out for a walk one night. It was tiny, black, starving and sick. Now it is still tiny, gaining weight, still black, healthy, wild, cute and a pain in the butt. It is driving the dogs crazy. They would like to do away with the little pest, but they are not allowed.

Tomorrow A goes to the pumpkin patch for his field trip. He will need three dollars and I hope I dont forget to give it to him. S goes to the pp on Wednesday. Apparently 4th grade is much too old, because N doesnt get to go. Thats ok, they all already have pumpkins. One is rotting by our front door already. I guess we wont be carving that one.

We have Halloween decorations up inside the house, which is cool. I want to bake all kinds of sinful stuff, but Im lazy....Have I ever mentioned I like to bake? Oh, well...I like to bake. There. I make a mean tiramusu (ok, not much BAKING to that, but you know what I mean) and a good pineapple ricotta pie. I want to try to make Monkey Bread. Im not sure why, I just like the name. I like Monkeys..they rock.

So life goes on...I get up go to work, work (or pretend to work, like now), come home, help kids with homework, eat, play a game or clean house or watch tv, put kids to bed, watch more tv or whatever, then go to bed. Thats it. I miss lots of people who are far from me, so that sucks.

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