Monday, October 27, 2008

Please love me

I know people read this. I KNOW it. So, if you do and you have an account could you PLEASE link to the "follow this blog" link. There are some out there who know me personally who read this, but dont have accounts, I know you love me, so I will let it slide. Your welcome.

Nothing magical happens for me or anything if you do this for me, I just would like to see more little squares over there on the left. I will feel extra loved, and extra love never hurt anyone.


Anonymous said...

I'm not "following" anybody because I have a google account in my real name and it's too complicated to switch back and forth all the time. But rest assured I'm following what you actually say even though I'm not on your following list!

Erin said...

I promise I read when I can!!! :) I am still debating whether or not I have time to start a blog.

obladi oblada said...

Thanks motherissues! Erin, I know you love me. I think though, that you should share V with the world because she is cute and very funny!