Monday, October 27, 2008

Accused of stealing...

I forgot to mention this last week when it happened, but it is entirely too rich to keep to myself. The hub and I went into Goodwill to see what was what and see if we could find a really neat deal (I kind of like the word, "neat" because it reminds me of "Leave it to Beaver" which Im tremendously fond of)which has been known to happen.

So, I went through all kids books and found a bunch. My kids love books and there are so many perfectly good books at goodwill and I can save at ton of money. Anyway, whilst browsing I found a BOOK of GAMES. It had a BINDING, it had PAGES, and it was in the BOOK section. It was also priced as a book. Every page was a new game, it had like checker board printed on it on one bage, back gammon on another page, you get the idea. It also had a pouch of shiny black and white glass game pieces which were attached to it. Cool. N loves games, and so I grabbed it.

At the checkout counter the checker was giving a customer a hard time about a plastic pumpkin, I dont know exactly why and I didnt care. Then it was my turn. She rings up some of the kids books, and then comes to the BOOK of Games.

Nasty Checker Woman: Oh, this isnt right.

ME: (not saying anything, just waiting for her to say something else, or explain)

Nasty Checker Woman: Yeah, this is not the correct price.

ME: (still silent, just waiting, becoming confused...)

Nasty Checker Woman: We dont sell games for this price.

ME: It was in the book section

Nasty Checker Woman: Well, its wrong, this price is not the right one

The hub: (getting a little annoyed) Its a GoodWill sticker, see?

Nasty Checker Woman: Yes, I know..but its wrong, we dont price our games this way.

ME: (getting annoyed) It was in the book section, and obviously someone did price it this way.

Nasty Checker Woman: (shakes her head)

ME: Well, thats OK I dont need it. (I wasnt ticked off yet, it just wasnt worth the wait, Im very busy)

Nasty Checker Woman: (Heavy sigh) Ill give it to you for the price (nastier tone now)

Me: (Now Im mad) Well, yeah, you should it was priced that way

Nasty Checker Woman: (shakes head)

ME: Its not like I changed the price tag, this is Goodwill, for heavens sake.

At this point, if I were her and I wasnt implying that the customer was tag switching, I would have apologized and said that I wasnt meaning to imply that. Nasty Checker Woman did NO such thing.

I pay her, grab my bag and say: Nice people skills, by the way.

A lady behind us nods and gives me the thumbs up. We leave. The hub and I are CRACKING up outside because we The lady in the line behind us catches up to us and says:

"Good for you, not putting up with that crap, accusing you of stealing, what a b%$#@"

I like her. She looks like an old hippie, and she is on MY side. I want to go have coffee with her. Instead I get in the van, the top of my head still smoking.


Erin said...

We had something similar come up this weekend. We went to our alma mater (where DH works, mind you) for homecoming. We pre-paid using a form that they sent us for this tailgate lunch that was supposed to be served at 11:30. They didn't feed us until 1 (V was about to eat her own fingers) and one of the guys who works in alumni relations came over to us and asked if we had had the opportunity to pay yet. I told him we pre-paid and he asked how. HUH??? You sent us the form, dummy! Some people have too much nerve.

obladi oblada said...

Its great, isnt it?