Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fire in the sky...and in the garbage can.

Our first fourth of a july as a family was great. We pigged out and the kids played for hours in the river. Adam got filthy and was cleaned off like a dozen times. Nick and some random kid at the park ganged up on a couple of girls with water balloons, the girls ran away screaming, but always came back for more.

At night we went to the fireworks show and before the fireworks started, the was a fire in a garbage can. Some kid threw a sparkler in it. Everyone just stared at this fire, and no one was moving to do anything about it. THe little wooden shelter thing over it was going to catch on fire too. Suddenly, my hubby grabs his precious diet coke and walks over and throws it on the fire. I followed suit, and tossed my iced tea on it. Its a good thing I had to pee, and there were no public bathrooms, so throwing my tea out was wise. The kids ooohed and aahed at the fireworks, like loudly and enthusiastically. I dont think they have ever been to see big fireworks. Adam was sound asleep on the way home.

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Erin said...

Sounds like you guys had a great 4th! :)