Thursday, July 15, 2010

What the heck is going on?

Im just going to change my blog name to "The Bitching Blogger" because it seems that is what I do. Sorry. Hopefully you can at least laugh at my discomfort in society.

What is wrong with people these days>? Its like they are sleeping, are stupid, and have no consideration for anyone else.

Yesterday I went out to lunch with a co worker, like we do every other Wednesday. We went to S@bway, and I decided to have a salsd instead, in an effort to lose some weight. I tell one girl what kind of meat I want on it, and she sticks it in the warmer and slides my bowl to the girl working the veggies. Im standing there, waiting for her to put LETTUCE in the bowl..and she is just looking at me. Finally she says "what would you like in your salad?" Ok, figuring she wants to know what ELSE I want in my salad I start naming veggies. She shakes her head and says:

"I have to put lettuce or something in it first, so...?"

Im standing there listening to crickets chirp. Im not sure what the heck she wants.

"Ummm...ok...lettuce." Then she puts the lettuce in a bowl. What the...? Is it really necessary to have to say that I want LETTUCE in my SALAD? Apparently it is. What really got to me is she was acting like I was the stupid one. Yeah. I mean, yes, there is spinach, but most people want lettuce unless otherwise specified, right? Sheesh.

Ok fast foward to several hours later. My family decides they want to eat out, which is fine with me after working all day. We go to SH@ri's. BIG mistake. We have had problems with them in the past and have recently felt forgiving towards them and things appeared to be better. Nope. Not really. We sat down and ten minutes later they ask us about drinks. No, they are NOT busy....and now I know why. We wait 15 more minutes and our order hasnt been taken. The waitress has walked by us about 20 times....I lose all control when I witness a man waltz up to the counter and say he wanted some pies to go....and the same waitress who ignored us, starts getting them for him. I said quite loudly: YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.

The hub is fed up too and I usher the kids outside, and he goes to pay for the drinks. Aside from feigning shock that no one took our order yet, they said compensation, no apology...NOTHING. So, that is the absolute last time we go there. S said it perfectly when she exclaimed in the parkinglot on our way to the car:


Exactly. Why? Are people this stupid? Have all the video games, tv, etc turned brains and human compassion and consideration to mush? Im afraid it has.

Yes, there is more. I called the salon I go to (when my most awesome talented s daughter Robin isnt in town to do my hair) for a hair and waxing appointment. I have to wait 10 minutes for them to even be able to see where the openings are because the girl at the desk shut the computer off, and it takes a really long time to come back up. At least they apologized up and down. And you know what? That goes a long way with least thats something.

HEY....what happened to the "add image" feature on Blogger? Now THEYRE messing with me!!!!


Tara - SanitySrchr said...

Ummm...yeah...many, many, many people walk around as if their brain cells (what of them that exist) are melted and shalacked to the bottom of their shoes! Common sense isn't so common anymore. :(

Mama Drama Times Two said...

The Subw@y S@l@d Fi@sco cracked me up...Do you want lettuce witht hat salad??? Bahahaha. D*nkin D*nuts is equally annoying. It is ONLY coffee, people!!!!

Canadian Blend said...

I've recently made three calls to my health insurer. We discussed an issue the first call that would have seemed to require some follow-up on their part. When I called the second time I had to ask them to do the follow-up as, seemingly, they thought I'd called the first time to just say "hello." The third call verified that things had all been worked out.

My wife waxed my chest a few weeks ago -- because I wondered what it was like. Oh man.

The Accidental Mommy said...

Well regardless, I LOVE the new blog title!


foxy said...

I think customer service, in general, is GONE. Instead of "the customer is always right" it's "whatever makes us money"... which seems to me like they would go hand in hand, but for many places these days, they DON'T.

shastastevens said...

It's a generation of kids like mine all grown up and set loose. *shudder* You know it is. The Baby Boomers liked their drugs and alcohol and selfish (no time to parent) lifestyles.

Erin said...

I know!!! People just don't seem to have common sense nowadays. I actually had a cashier roll her eyes at me and tell me I "used too many coupons" when I tried to pay for my groceries. Ugh...