Monday, July 19, 2010

Pardon Our Appearance....(geek talk...please feel free to ignore)

So, Im trying to change my picture at top and Im running into problems; problems I have never had before blogger started messing with stuff. For those of you who are far geekier than I; how come whenever I want to put my picture "behind blog title and description", does my picture come out huge and cut off half of who is in it? When I choose the "place description below image" option, its fine. Except I WANT my title and desc. ON the picture...dammit. What am I doing wrong?

Also....I made a super cool blog header picture using clip art and microsoft publisher and spent the last 4 hours trying to convert it into a jpg file to upload load it to blogger as my header picture....I cant figure it out. I feel like it should be easy...but maybe thats for people who are a lot smarter than me.

I would appreciate any geeky comments and advice, thanks.

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Canadian Blend said...

I feel your pain. This past weekend a portion of my blog quit working. Nothing had (should have) changed, it's set up exactly like another blog I watch over... yet, something broke.

And I'm past the age where I like to piddle with things like this.