Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hes Coming Home

...L has been gone for a whole week...again. First he went away on a boyscout camping trip (supposed to be a SPELUNKING trip, but cancelled the cave part due to recent earthquakes there), which was just a weekend, then he went to church camp for a week (with about two weeks in between the two) then 1.5 weeks later, he was off to a week long boyscout camp. The kid has been gone longer than he has been home this summer. But he is having a blast...making up for lost time. No longer does he have to sit around a foster home all summer doing nothing while kids his age are playing sports, swimming, etc. He is definitely making up for lost time..he has learned so to ride a bike, how to swim, how to play baseball, how to play football, and a lot of other stuff to in the almost three years he has been with us. Not patting ourselves on the back at all; the credit goes to him, instead of giving up and feeling like he would never catch up with other boys, he went for it and is doing awesome at just about everything he tries.

Im sure he had a great time at the camp. Hub was a boyscout and says it is something L will remember for the rest of his life. That makes me happy. Everyone deserves those types of childhood summertime memories. We sure did miss him around here though.

Well, gotta round up my other kids, so we can go pick him up!

Oh by the way, will someone PLEASE tell me how to post pics now that blogger has screwed with stuff? I cant find an image option. Please?


Slamdunk said...

Sounds like a fun and memorable summer for L. I hope he returns tan and relaxed.

On your image question, I am not sure with editor version you are using, but I downloaded the new one a few weeks ago. With the editor I use, I select the "Compose" tag and the "Insert" tab for images is in the middle of the toolbar. Not sure what your toolbar looks like.

The Accidental Mommy said...

On your toolbar where you compose your post is a little icon of a scenery type photo on the right of the word "Link". Click it, then follow the cumbersome instructions. It's weird and I don't like it. But, I'd love to see your pics!

obladi oblada said...

OOOOH OK...I see it now. Thanks Slam and Essie. Yeah, it seems they have changed stuff. Now I have to hit the "compose" button, which wasnt there before.