Saturday, February 6, 2010

A silent moment

Im sitting here in the living room and the house is quiet. I usually have the tv on at least for background noise, but not tonight. The silence is really wonderful. This is what I hear:

Some wierd humming noise from outside
Cars in the distance
Dexter (our latest canine addition) snoring
and the tap tap tapity of my computer keys

Thats it.

Much better than last night. Some wayward teenagers were roaming the streets like alley cats last night, making all dogs for miles bark. Evidentally they thought it would be fun to take several trash cans from yards and pile them to together in the middle of the street. Of course I NEVER did anything like that when I was a punk.
I mean, filling an entire shopping cart up with the weirdest things we could find in a store (like "depends") and then walking away, is not even close to being as obnoxious as the garbage can kids, right? Or annoying the local McD's by WALKING through the drive through in pajamas? (Im going to stop here. Its all you really need to know right now about that. Really.)

I spent a fairly peaceful night with the kids. We took the dogs for a walk, ate dinner, and just sort of lounged around. The boys played a game and I found myself laying on S's bed, playing Barbies with her. I was being ridiculous in my play which made her belly laugh and now I have a new favorite sound. I just love her laugh, especially when Im the cause of it.

Ive been feeling really close to her as of late, which is a fantastic thing, and something pretty new, to be perfectly honest with you. When you adopt, it sometimes takes you a while to really "fall in love". I mean you love the child, of course, but it takes a while to really fall in love, if you know what I mean. Those of you who have adopted older children will know, Im sure. Anyway, Im enjoying it. I wish that it would have come sooner, but its here now. She is such a sweet gentle soul, too naive (yes, even for a nine year old) and too eager to please. The last two being a dangerous combination for the teenage years. I am just holding on to the hope that she will hold on to her sweet disposition, because I know how nasty teens can get. I would really rather keep her nine and a half forever.


Macey said...

I just think it's great that you adopted older many people refuse to take them. And they are miracles too, not just babies.

foxy said...

Aahhhhh... what a sweet, special moment that you shared. It's a beautiful thing to read about blossoming love, no matter what the relationship. I'm glad you're finding that with her.

Unknown said...

So happy that moment came for you. It's different with each child and sometimes happens more than once. I've fallen in love with my boy at least one hundred times.