Thursday, February 11, 2010


Dear "Dear John" producers,

Have you ever heard of a Technical Advisor? You should get one, they are handy. Perhaps if you had one of these to advise you on all things military, my husband and I would not have made fun of you, and we would not still be making fun of you. A technical advisor would have made sure that you did not have John's rank insignia on upside down on his dress uniform whilst dining with Savanah. Someone must have smacked you upside the head though, because later in the same scene it was fixed. Too late though, many many people have already noticed, Im sure. Also, the same technical advisor would have been able to tell you that while stateside, a good soldier like John would not be walking around outside in uniform without his hat. That is a no no.

Why oh why did you have to deviate from the book so much? The book was good. Your movie is pathetic. While the guy that plays John is extremely easy on the eyes, the acting left much to be desired. If you can not do better than this in the future, please find a different day job.

Someone who could really use her $18.00 back.


Macey said...

I HATE when they deviate from the book. But they always do! Dangit.
Now I'll be looking for the upside down rank...sadly, I wouldn't have noticed since I know nothing about the military. :0

Paula said...

LOL! Tell us what you really think, ok? They should have re-taped or it should have hit the cutting room floor! What a dishonor to those serving our country.

obladi oblada said...

Paula, thats what I thought too!
MiMi, I wont spoil it for you, but when you see it, you'll be like "what the....", since you are reading the book.

foxy said...

So, i should just read the book then, huh?

obladi oblada said...

Foxy: Yeah, just read the book and you will be fine.

Corrie Howe said...

Thanks for the heads up. I'll save my money too. Kids and I saw Percy Jackson today. Although the two oldest read the book and agreed the movie deviated, they still enjoyed the movie...but like the book better.

Canadian Blend said...

My wife and I drove one of the daughters to see "Dear John" with some friends. While we waited we decided to see "From Paris with Love."

Despite the language and gun play, it came off as rather light. And you certainly don't have to pay close attention to it. (In other words, guys will love it.)

Catholic Sarcasm said...

I hate ALL of the Nicholas Sparks' books made into movies. None of them are any good. Such a waste of perfectly good books!