Friday, February 5, 2010

Bad bad bad blogger.

That's me. Im awful. I have not been around to do my blog, or to read blogs, Im afraid. You life has gone nuts. Work is worse than ever, and I dont even want to talk about this class Im in now. I just decided to go for my Masters too, but now.....Im not so

Anyhow, I miss all of you and your blogs (for those who have them)and hope you are all doing well.

The kids are doing great. Just got report cards, everyone improved from last time. L went went from mostly As to all As. S's grades have come up (not that they were bad before, but there was room for improvement), and behavior is still a non issue. A's grades have gone up, and his behavior has improved slightly (I wont go here though, because I think his teacher is clueless).

Im reliving the nightmare of mean little girls though. S is having some problems with a couple of girls at school. Somedays they are friends, somedays they arent. I hate that. Little girls are sooooo mean. I want to tell her to ignore all of them for about three years, I want to tell her that boys are more fun, until say about 11 years old and then they are mean and she needs to stay away from them until she is 20. Sounds good to me.

I had a sad momemt this morning, while looking over S's homework packet. She has to take her spelling words and write them in sentences. One of her spelling words was "moving" and this was her sentence:

"I hate moving because then you have to get used to their rules"

Ugh. I wanted to cry. Its sometimes easy for me to forget all they have gone through, like moving to different families, trying to fit in each place they go. Obviously, she has not forgotten, and it sounds like maybe moving still isnt far from her mind, even though she is adopted now, and is home. In my mind she is home, but maybe in hers, she is not so sure. I wish I could erase any doubt in her mind that she will never have to get used to another family's rules again.


Mama Drama Times Two said...

Sorry life is hectic - but glad to have you back! Missed your posts. We also had report cards this week - for us it was nice to see a few grades DIP so kids could see their grade is truly a reflection of their effort. We are soooo working on taking personal responsibilty for our actions now.

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed S is secure enough to write a sentence that is so tender to her heart. I have to believe it isn't easy having the thought of moving in the back of her mind. In a way, it's a good thing you read the sentence. Now you are able to understand her thoughts about how secure she feels in your home, being apart of your family. :)

foxy said...

Oh that just breaks my heart for her! Poor baby. You know she's home for good, but she's been hurt so much that she's not believing it yet. I'm so glad that they are where they are now.

And just so you know, you have been missed! But life happens and keeps you busy.... completely understandable. Take care, friend.

obladi oblada said...

Aw thanks everyone! I miss being here. MrsKish, welcome!

Paula said...

I know that wonderful feeling of falling in love with your kids. It's taken until just recently to get there too, but now everything seems to just fall in place.

I agree with Mrs. Kish about S being open with her feelings. It gives a good opportunity to have the 'forever' conversation with an easy opening. She'll get it, it will come in time.

Macey said...

Oh no...the sentence she used for her spelling word is sad. I agree, I probably would've bawled. I'm glad everything seems to be going okay, except fot the mean little girls. Little girls frighten me.

Shanti said...

Aw, so sorry things are rough. =( But, so happy to see you on here! The sentence S wrote is just so heart-wrenching and impressive at the same time. Big hugs! said...

It is great to hear that she can say that, but I imagine it is hard to hear/remember. i totally hear you on the busy front! hope things settle down before to long, we miss you.