Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rant #579

This post and its rantings are in no way in any order or will probably make any sense to anyone else but me. But...thats ok. Its therapy and I need it.

I had stinking mandatory training today. I made sure to bring a couple of needles with me in my purse, just in case I was given the option of sticking them in my eyes, instead of sitting through training. No option was given though, so I had to sit through the crap.

I do kind of think its hillarious though when a group of adults get admonished for "giggling" in class, and get threatened with teaching the class themselves. No, I was not one of these people...well, I was, but not one that got caught.

My boss, GICOE 2 (if you have been reading for a while you know what that stands for), gave me a bunch of orders before he left for an entire week, but did so without giving me ALL the information. Nice. So thorough and on top of things. So, Im guessing they just wont get done.

I just put in an order for paper, five boxes of COPY paper for the office here. So, the guy that was supposed to go pick it up goes over to the place where we get it from and says he is there to pick up the "paper work". This is the same knucklehead who did this two weeks ago upon being asked to do the very same thing.

Last night I signed the boys up for little league. I specifically requested a certain coach for one of them, and upon being asked, I specifically said that "no, he is not ready for Majors yet". It fell on deaf ears and so they will wonder why he is not at try outs. They mumbled something about not having enough boys for a major team if they dont get more. Not my fault. My son was never allowed to play sports in any home he has ever been in, and so last year was his first. He improved a lot last year, but also sat out a lot so the "hot dogs" could get all the time. Now the same "hot dogs" will be moving to Majors, and the same coach wants my son there too. Not happening this year. He will play on the minors with kids closer to his level of skill, and will not sit on the bench, and NO, I could care less if there is a Major team or not. My son comes first. Deal with it.

There was another poodle in the "Best in Show" lineup again this year at West Minster. Thank God that it didnt win. Not that I really detest poodles or anything, because I dont. But I am sick of them dominating the dog show world. Enough already. Im glad the Scottie won, even though I was routing for that gorgeous Doberman, CJ.

My youngest is getting quite the mouth on him and its mostly aimed at his sister. I know its terrible, but some of the things he says are really funny.....and its soooo hard not to laugh. I have to turn my back or leave the room for a second before I can say, "Youre not being very kind, leave your sister alone". Im not sure Im going to make it.....


Macey said...

I hate when the kids say something that is so wrong, but so funny!
GICOE= guy in charge of everything...booyah!

Paula said...

Your wit gets me EVERY time! Your bad day can always make mine better. And geesh...them darn poodles!!!

Shanti said...

oh, boy. i sooo know what you mean about the kiddos saying things that you KNOW you shouldn't laugh at, but darn it! you just can't help it!

shastastevens said...

I was going for the whippet.

Helen McGinn said...

*L* Ah, oldest said to her younger brother the other day "you astonish me with your skewed version of the facts". Open mouthed were husband and I but youngest son's response pushed us over the edge with his serious face, rubbing of his chin and the words "the girl has realised that all is not well; the boy is not yet ready to leave the temple".

WT....?? We almost had an accident, we laughed so much.

foxy said...

Get it out girl! That work stuff can drive you insane... or at least it can for me. I know how you feel.

I'm not too big a poodle lover myself. The only ones I ever knew were always really mean.

Unknown said...

I'm super proud of the baseball stance! He will be so much more ready next year!!!

The two younger's are gonna have their relationship. It's gonna be solid. Ask Uncle Ed.

Love your humor my Sistah!

obladi oblada said...

MiMi: You win a cookie!

MominTheTrench: It would have been OK with me, had the whippet won too!

Helen: I think I would have flat out died if those words came out of my kids' mouth. How funny.

Treece: Lol on the Uncle Rabbit thing (my kids dont call him Uncle Ed, they call him Uncle Rabbit...thanks to T.)

Corrie Howe said...

Sometimes it is hard not to laugh...especially since it is usually unexpected. I'm the same way, trying to be serious when I should be setting an example.