Monday, February 22, 2010

It's a Conspiracy

Someone, or something is trying to drive me nuts. I swear..and it is probably working. The have started with infilterating my dreams and worked their way into my the brains of my children.

Exhibit #1

The other night I dreamt I was at Disneyland and on some random ride that doesnt really exist there. The ride was going upside down and me and a friend I havent talked to in like ten years were on it and doing the cursory "Im not really scared, but I feel like screaming" scream as the ride was turning us on our heads. The friend's scream turned into a real scream, so real that I refused to look in the direction of what was so horrifying. Apparantly a young girl had fallen out of the ride. Despite this fact, the ride we were on kept going...KEPT turning us upside down. When we finally got off, we found out that the girl had landed on "grid #8", next to the chocolate covered frozen banana kiosk.

Exhibit #2

Another really wierd dream that I can barely remember. It involed that dude Owen from Grey's Anatomy, and circus dogs, and me. 'Nuff said? Not quite....I had cancer later in the dream (who am I? Izzy?). Wierd. And Owen isnt even my favorite boy doctor on the show! (Its kind of a tie between Dr. McDreamy and Alex....Sloan is growing on me too, with his newly expressed sentimentality over his grandbaby...even though I always thought he was cute, he was kinda shallow.)

Exhibit #3

My daughter decided it would be fun to chew on some green paper she found in her older brother's room, then remove it from her mouth and roll the paper in her hands until they turned green from the dye, THEN GAVE THE SPIT DRENCHED PAPER TO HER LITTLE BROTHER, so he could color his hands too. Then the two of them come upstairs to eat lunch with a mess all over their hands. I dont think so.

Exhibit #4

All last week, I was looking foward to a NICE work week this week. Reason? GICOE was going to be gone until the first of next month. Starting TODAY!! So I show up all chipper this morning, whistling even, and go into the building and stop dead in my tracks. GICOE's door is open and his light is on. Thinking it was someone else in his office for what ever reason, I peek around the corner. There is GICOE, sitting at his desk grunting and making other various noises. I felt like I had been kicked in the ribs...I turned to a co worker a few minutes later after I caught my breath, and was informed that his business trip had been cancelled. CRAP!!!! What a dirty, rotten trick to play on me.

So, if Im found later on today or this week, sitting in a corner playing with my mouth and humming softly to will all know why.


Macey said...

GICOE!!! What a jerk!
Your dreams are as awesome as mine...I mean, those little details like Grid #8, makes them seem more real, right? Frustrating.

shastastevens said...

I'm sorry. It was probably all my fault. ;) said...

crazy is all relative, if you are in the corner you may just be hiding from GICOE... maybe he won't see yout there.

obladi oblada said...

j: Oh, no he will find me. He ALWAYS finds me. If Im in my office with the door locked, he actually tries to OPEN it.

sitting on the mood swing at the playground said...

I love dreams. I'm always a bit disappointed if I wake up and don't remember them.

I've been there when a colleague's work trip was cancelled and all I wanted was for him/her to be GONE. Hope the trip is rescheduled soon.

Corrie Howe said...

Do you play Roller Coaster Tycoon on the computer? When I used to play, I used to have dreams like this.