Thursday, November 13, 2008


A friend told me about this receipe and I just want to share. The kids LOVED this, and I cant believe I didnt think of it!

Whip up some tuna or chicken salad, however you like it. Get some refridgerater biscuits or crescent rolls, you know the kind where it "Pops" when you break the seal (I HATE that part!) If your using the crescent rolls, take one triangle lay it flat and put a scoop of salad mixture in the middle. Srinkle grated cheese on it if you like (and I like), then take the other triangle and lay it on top, pinch the two triangles closed and bake following roll instructions.

If you are like me and find that you dont have crescent rolls handy, but you have the buttermilk buscuits instead, do this:

Seperate the biscuit into to layers. Smoosh one layer, so its bigger, put the salad and cheese inside. Smoosh the other layer, lay on top of mix and pinch together. Bake as instructions direct you.

Let me tell you...I did mine with tuna salad (the same stuff I use in tuna sandwiches) and my kids PIGGED out on them. They were really good. I didnt have a name for them so we are calling them tuna pies. Try them.

Im thinking that left over turkey may come in handy for this as well!!!


Mel said...

Oh sounds like a tuna/chicken melt thing, yummy!!!!!

Erin said...

That sounds really good! We will have to try those when DH is working late...he doesn't like tuna OR chicken salad. Weirdo.

A said...

Thank you for your comment :) We can use all the prayers we can get! I'm sending your link to my phone so I can read back in your blog tonight and catch up. We have a lot in common - my husband and I were married 9 years then went from 0-3 in 5 months. LOL - may as well jump in, right?

I'm so trying this recipe with chicken salad!

Stacey said...

i saw your comment on amy's blog and wanted to let you know your blog is an encouragement to me. we are currently going through this (actually just getting started after quite a few obstacles) so it is neat to see God put people in my life who can help support us (as we can do the same for others) along our journey. will be praying for you and your journey! thanks for the hope!!!

Heidi said...

Aren't the most ingenius ideas the simple ones. This sounds great!

obladi oblada said...

OOOOh comment love! I love comments. Thanks for making my day.