Thursday, November 20, 2008

Stoopit mommy

...that is me. Im serious, ever since becoming a Mom I have done and said some really stupid things. I wish now, that I had written them all down, but I havent. Fortunately for you all, I do stupid stuff all the time so I have things which are still fresh in my mind. Heres a favorite from this week:

My professor for a psych class posted a question to my answer to a question (are ya with me here?). It went something like this:

Since you take a little from both Freud and Skinner's perspectives, which perspective is ost contrary to the way you think?

And Ill be darned if I didnt spend the next oh, 20 minutes, lets say, looking up the word "ost". It never ocurred to me that the professor would make a typo. Im such a chowder head sometimes. Boy, did I feel stupid when I finally realized it was supposed to say "most".


Mel said...

You slay me!!!!! I need you at my house all the time... (btw that is a compliment)

Erin said...

Hahahaha!!! That cracks me up! I think being a mom kills some of your brain cells. I emailed this lady on ebay trying to get cheap gifts for my class - she had two separate auctions, I needed the stuff from both, but I on;y bought one. Duh!!!

Erin said...

Talk about typos - on;y is supposed to be only.