Thursday, November 20, 2008

Stoopit mommy part 2

SO yesterday I did a dumb thing too. I hesitate to share this, because I felt like a terrible mother afterwards, now I just feel dumb. A woke up yesterday morning and was crying when he was brushing his teeth. He said his cheek hurt. I asked if it hurt inside or outside, he said inside. Hmmm. So, I hugged him and he stopped crying, and finished getting ready for school/daycare.

As he was putting on his little coat he said "Im cold and my legs hurt". Again, I just comforted him and made sure his coat was zipped up tight, so he would be warm when we went outside. Nothing else ever penetrated my thick skull.

So, Im plugging away at work (not really, but it sounds like Im actually WORKING very hard when I say that), when my phone rings. It is my mother and she says the daycare lady called and said A is sick. I call her (the daycare lady) and she says he is running a high fever.

THEN it dawns on me. Why, oh why, didnt I put two and two together this morning? DUH, he was cold, and achey, and crying. It has not feeling well written all over the place. Instead of using my head, I just brushed it off and sent him off to daycare. If I would have at LEAST felt his head, I would have known he was BURNING up.

Why mention this? I mention this as a warning to someone else out there, who is all of a sudden a mom to a six year old, and is clueless about many "mommy" things. Hopefully it wont happen to you, but beware....Im not USED to trying to figure out if someone is sick. Im used to people saying, "Im sick". Your six year old may not do that, he or she may be like mine and give you hints. Hopefully you are much brighter than I am and will GET it. Just beware, is all. Instant motherhood to older children kills brain cells. At least it is killing mine.


Mel said...

All motherhood kills brain cells, our tears make up for them (the happy, sad, frustrated, and joyful ones)...

And this happens to every single mother experienced and are an awesome mom!!!

Erin said...

The best one I have for you - V was fussy and grumpy all morning, didn't want to eat, said as we pulled into the parking lot that her tummy felt "weird." I told her it was probably hungry and she could eat at snack time. 10 minutes after school started, the nurse called my room and said she had just thrown up in the classroom. LOVELY! Yeah, I totally should win mother of the year. :)

Keri said...

I did the same thing when my daughter was home only about 4 months. Poor thing! I felt like an idiot.

Anyway, I just found your blog!I'm mom to an older adopted child too. i'm excited to read more of your posts!

Brenda said...

Awww. I hope everyone feels better soon. You are a great mom, just not psychic.