Sunday, November 9, 2008

Glimmer of hope

Those of you who are following because you yourselves are trying to or thinking about adopting from Foster Care will be happy to hear this. Often, the horror stories of these kids from the system can get you down and make you wonder if your up for it, or you are doomed for kids with huge issues,when that may not be what you want. There are plenty of people who want the kids with big issues, and God bless you people for sure, we werent those people however. We wanted as normal as possible. So, this post is for those of you who feel like it is impossible.

We had parent teacher conferences the other night. All three of our kids are doing excellent in academics and behavior. All three are in the higher reading classes, (or pre reading, like Adam), and the two oldest ones are in the top of thier classes for math (which is great because Im quite sure next year, I wont be able to help Nick, if he should need it, Im serious, Im worthless in that area). So, there you have it. Not all kids in the system have academic and/or behavior problems.

I feel kind of silly when people tell us that we are doing a great job with the kids, I mean I think we are, but really these are great kids and they came to us as great kids.


Anonymous said...

They do seem like great kids, though you seem to be doing a great job parenting too! It's good to have a reminder that there are all sorts of children in the system.

Erin said...

I think it's a combination of both - you have great kids but they have great parents. :)

Meg an Aggie in Frisco said...

Thank-you... I have been following some other blogs to educate myself, and I have followed Cindy's since last February when we, I mean me, started the adoption process. Well I began to doubt I could handle the situations she runs in to... I know this, adopting older kids, is what we want to do, I feel it in my heart. I am adopted and so was my brother, as infants so I understand adoption, but some of the blogs I read do not give me hope. I will be a working mom, and just Thank-you.

A said...

I'm jealous!! :) I think the parenting has something to do with it, too, though. So take the compliments and run.