Saturday, January 23, 2010

BONO and Coldplay and Brad...Oh My.

So, did you watch Hope for Haiti Now? I did. Twice. It was amazing, I thought and very well done, very tasteful and I didn't feel like it was a celebrity "look at me" show. I actually got the feeling that everyone there was really there because they cared. I dunno just a feeling I got. I loved the fact that it was done done in front of a live audience, it was easier for the focus to remain on Haiti, I thought.

I did make some observations though, during it.

What on earth is Brad Pitt doing to his face? What is that? Is he trying out for ZZ Top soon, or what? Hey Brad...don't make me write an "open letter to the thing on Brad's chin"..because, I'm tempted. Its probably for an upcoming role, but cant he use a FAKE hair face thing? I'm just sayin'.

Oh and the news guy, Anderson Cooper...he has got some bulging arms, doesn't he? Ooooh Weeee...I never realized. Who knew? Not me. Just always seemed like such a news GEEK, ya know? Now I know the real A-Coop.

Bono, Bono, mom was watching the Bono/Jay-Z/Beyonce collaboration with my mom (which I thought was fantastic, by the way). I asked her if she remembered Bono and my girlhood fascination with him. Apparently she remembers more of it than I would like her too. She said,

"Oh, yes. He used to live in our furnace".

Yep. She remembers alright. I used to kid around with my friends that I kept Bono locked up in the furnace closet so I could marry him some day. Silly.little.girl.

Was Coldplay great, or what? I just love me some Coldplay. Chris, father of Apple and Moses, looked cute in his little hat.

JT was really fabulous. I think the more serious songs like that suit him much more than the "sexy back" stuff. I mean you can really take him seriously like that you know?

I loved seeing Neil Young and whats his face. Oh Dave Matthews. Sorry, huge Neil Young fan here,not so much Dave Matthews, but it was a lovely song.

Sting, "driven to tears" was the perfect song for the occasion...he is pretty buff for an old guy. I seem to remember him as kind of a little guy? Right?

Anyway, if you missed it, then you really did miss out. It was great and all for a great lets all pray that the money gets there and not only helps the situation but starts to bring about a change in Haitian Government as well.


The Accidental Mommy said...

Oh yeah, when Brad and I get together that chin mess is out. Anderson, dude, 'nuff said. SOOOOO sad he is gay. Great for gay guys though.
I have to confess I do love that song sexy back. I was totally humiliated when I got a download snag on my ipod and had to contact itunes and tell a real person what I had done. I would have been less embarrassed about downloading foot fetish porn!
Okay, done hijacking your comments now lol!

Macey said...

I'll tell you something that I'm sorta ashamed to admit: I didn't watch the show because I always feel like these people ARE full of themselves. Maybe I should have...?

foxy said...

I didn't watch it, but after seeing some clips and reading your review, I'm now realizing that i completely missed out. Dang it!

obladi oblada said...

Essie, I did not know that about AC. You can hi jack my comments any day!

MiMi: I almost didnt watch for the same reason.

Foxy: Im glad I did.