Monday, December 21, 2009

Im almost done....

..with everything having to with Christmas. Almost. All my shopping is done. Thank God, because Im afraid if I was out there right now, Id kill someone. Not really, but you know what Im saying, right?

I actually have an urge to go to the mall and just sit on a bench with a peppermint latte, and watch (and laugh at)people. Doesnt that sound fun? I may do just that.
My poor husband is out shopping, and Ill bet he is NOT laughing.

I only have a few more things to wrap. All stocking stuffers are neatly organized into bags of whose stocking they go in, including three dogs and a cat, so all I have to do is transfer contents. I baked a bunch of cake balls yesterday. If you want to know what a cake ball is go here. They are delicious and pretty easy to make. I also made Buckeyes, the delicious chocolate peanut butter treat I love oh so much. I made a big batch of Apple Dumplings (made with Mountain Dew) get that awesome recipe go here.

I put together little packages of cake balls and Buckeyes and several pans of Apple Dumplings and delivered them to some of my friends last night. Actually I drove and the kids delivered. The lady who is in charge of the children's church at church was thrilled that they delivered goodies to her and thanked her for being the childrens church leader (at my urging of course). Tonight, I will probably deliver a few more.

At some point Im going to have to make more of everything, since it wont go over very well at my house if we dont have some to devour ourselves. Of cours, I have been eating some as I go along. I have to make sugar cookies for the hub, cause he loves them and oatmeal cookies for my dad. I havent decided to have the traditional breakfast casserole yet or not....I probably should, its pretty good. Cant very well throw cold cereal at the fam, or can I? No, prolly not.

Now if Wednesday would get here, so I only have a 1/2 day of work and then off for the rest I would be happy. Oh and it would help if the dirty rotten cat would STOP hiding under the tree, tormenting the dogs and causing a ruckus. That would help a lot.


The Accidental Mommy said...

heh heh

Reighnie said...

I love Bakerella, although I still have yet to be successful making cakeballs.

I separated the stocking stuff too! Including cats and dogs. Wish I was done wrapping. I still have clothes, shoes and odd shaped items to wrap. :-(

At least it won't be like Christmases past where I stay up all night until 8 am wrapping then the kids come out and knock it out in 15 minutes. lol

Mama Drama Times Two said...

We didn't bake this year, but everything you made sounds yummy. What is in your breakfast casserole recipe???

obladi oblada said...

Essie: Nooooooo

Reighnie: The key to the cake balls is keeping your hands a little wet so the cake doesnt stick when your rolling it and making sure they are cold enough before you try covering them with the chocolate.

MDX2: I dont know it by heart, but its got eggs, sausage, milk, dry mustard, bacon and chunks of buttered bread...mix all in a casserole dish the night before, and in the morning, just stick it in the oven. I think it might have cheese in it too, if it doesnt it should! Maybe Ill post it on the blog a little later.