Wednesday, December 2, 2009

a post about it being December (in other words I cant come up with a clever title)

Its December...already. It seems like last week we were trick or treating. I guess its true that when you get older, time flies right by.

My Christmas shopping is about 1/4 done. I wish it were all done, but its not and Im not sure when I will be able to do the rest. I missed out on Black Friday shopping this year. Which is a bummer because even if I wasnt buying anything, I like to see all the crazy people. Well, there is that and I honestly love the spirit that seems to be in the air. Good fun, I say.

I have a new playlist for your listening enjoyment. So, take off the mute and listen.

I once won a pizza party on a radio station in New England for listening to a few seconds of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" by the Boss and identifying the song and artist. So, I hear the song and not only do I think of the Sopronos, or of being a teenager, but I taste pepporoni and mushroom. Not that you care about any of that, but I do and its my blog.

This will be the second Christmas with the kids and hopefully this year they will have learned enough about what families and kids do on Christmas that it wont be as sad and wierd. Maybe this year they will actually wake us up before its light out instead of being afraid to. Maybe this year when they come upstairs, they wont look at the presents and run back downstairs not knowing what to do. It will be their second year to decorate a tree. A asked if he can put the angel on top again. My answer, "of course you can:. It will be their second year of actually helping to decorate a tree, they dont remember ever doing it before.

I think the Santa thing is about done. I got caught the other day from S, she kind of trapped me, although I suspect she already knows, she IS nine. Here is how it went:

S: Mom can I have a (insert fairly expensive gift here)
Me: Hmm...might have to wait for your birthday to get that
S: Why?
Me: We just went to Disneyland (I know I havent posted about that yet....)that took a lot of our money.
S: Well...why cant Santa bring it...he can bring anything, right?

Hmm...didnt really know what to say to that. I guess the jig is up. She was probably testing me anyway. I just wish she wouldnt do it in front of A. I want him to believe for a little while longer.

Every night we are lighting a candle and reading a verse from the Bible having to do with Jesus's attributes that we should emulate. A was s little disappointed when all we did is light the candle, read the short verse and then he had to go to bed. He said "thats it? thats what we came back up here for after brushing our teeth?" Sigh. Im not sure what he was expecting...Mickey Mouse?

Heres hoping everyone has good 23 Days before Christmas.


The Accidental Mommy said...

BAH! You tell that kid that Santa doesnt take last minute requests, thats why she cant have it! said...

we told the boys at the table the other day that kids who don't believe in santa don't get gifts from santa and that quieted the older one down right away so that his lill brother will still be able to enjoy it for another year or so.

Lisa said...

Certain songs bring those memories right back to me too. I love how that happens.

Love Essie & J's comments!

obladi oblada said...

I agree with all those ideas!

Macey said...

Oh my gosh, Essie has a great idea! Last minute requests is awesome!
Anyway, reading about the kids having their 2nd Christmas and the first one being weird makes me sad. :( I hope they have a wonderful wonderful Christmas.

Heather Cherry said...

Bless their sweet hearts.