Friday, September 5, 2008

Supplies..and bad service.

Im going to go back in time a little here and talk about school supply shopping. I know, I should have posted when it happened, but hey, Im BUSY, give me a break.

I took (dragged) my mother along with me. Just kidding, she loves to go with the kids and I, she likes seeing revenge unfold before her eyes. She actually giggles sometimes when Im struggling with normal behavioral crap.

Anyway, first we went to Bi M#rt, which is not evil like Wal M#rt, and had great success checking off things on the list. I had to buy supplies for THREE. It was unreal, I felt like I owned my own store or something. When I was a kid, all I had to bring was lunch and a pencil. Boy, those days are gone.

Anyway a couple hundred dollars later we had everything. First I had to ask experienced mothers in the store what certain things meant. I was confused a few times, but Im ok now. I think.

During the first part of the day, I let my mother out of the car so she could go to a weight watchers meeting. I usually go, but didnt feel like taking all three kids in and threatening them to be quiet when I knew they had a long day of shopping ahead of them. So we waited in the car and I seperated the supplies into three different bags of who needs what.

This is all very boring to read so far, Im sure, but Im sorry. Here is where it got interesting for the first time that day. When my mom got into the car she thanked us for waiting while she went to the meeting.

S said:

"Well, it wasnt MY idea". Ok.

We had lunch out and everyone was good. None of the past restaraunt behavior crept up. L didnt reach his fingers into my Mom's food this time. I dont think he will ever do that again, I may have made my point.

We had to drive into the big city for hair cuts and shoes. The hair cuts went well, and S got another new hair cut that I LOVE on her. The boys got thier same cute hair cuts.

After we went everywhere for shoes that I LIKED but werent priced ridiculously, we were hungry and it was dinner time believe it or not. We had dinner at Sh#ri's because of the free kids meals. Never again, at least not THAT Sh#ri's. The service was HORRIBLE. The manager was standing right there and didnt lift a finger as we were ignored for 20 minutes without any drinks or menus. There were only two other tables with people at them. I would have left, but I was too tired. Our food got their quickly, and so I felt better, and decided the kids were so good that they deserved desert. So, when the lady asked if we wanted desert I said "yes". She gave us desert menus and then disappeared never to be seen again. Another 20 minutes. That time I said, "lets go". I spoke my mind to the manager who didnt apologize or anything! It was awful. I went elsewhere and got the kids shakes, so they were happy.

I was livid, but Adam said something that made my mom and I bust into hysterics. Mom and I were quiet in the front seat and the kids were chatting and nothing caught our ear until we heard Adam say:

"You just ate a dead horse. Let me smell your breath". They say the darndest things, and it was right on time. We needed the laugh.

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Erin said...

Back to school shopping was stressful for me this year and I only had ONE to buy for! You get mom of the year award for buying for THREE and taking them all with you! :)