Monday, September 15, 2008


...once again. Im not very good at this blog thing. I cant do it everyday like Id like to. I do have excuses though, which I feel are valid. First of all, I do have a job (which Im supposed to be doing now). Im also in school.

Right now I should be turning in a paper on the foundations of psychology. The paper is done, I just havent made my way over to turn it in yet. Also, I have a learning team assignment, that I must finish. I am. I dont even really have anything to say right now. Oh besides my folks are back from Hawaii and they brought back some nice gifts.

Oh, I guess I could talk about dogs. I fell in love again this weekend. We were supposed to be buying warm winter pj's for the kids, and wound up in PetCo where they were having an adoption day.

First there was Trip, a min pin cross. He was awesome, and I thought I might like to take him home, if my hub wouldnt kill me. So, I patted Trip and continued down the aisle of rescue dogs.

Then I saw her....

Her name was Patti. She is, dont laugh because I know you will want to, a bassett hound/Mastiff. Yep, you read that right. I was, and still am, in love. She comes a little past my knee, she is long like a bassett, fawn colored like Mastiffs can be, and huge and thick like a Mastiff. She has basset ears and jowls, and she has a tail that will break your nose if she wags it at your face.

Sigh. I couldnt NOT try to convince the hub, so I called him. He was at the time at a friends house with some other buddies playing cards.

ME: Hi, honey. Hear me out please.

HIM: (sighs) What is it, honey?

ME: There is a dog, her name is Patti, she is a basset/mastiff, she is soooo sweet and loves kids and youve never seen anything like her! Im serious you will love her. I am in love and I know you would be too.

HIM: OH, what color?

ME: Fawn colored like a mastiff

HIM: (sounding enthused, thus making my hopes shoot up),OH, fawn? Is she spayed?

ME: YEP! And she is housetrained...

HIM: What else?

ME: Thats it...


This is where I hear laughter in the background, his man friends thought the whole thing was funny. Oh and he hung up. Of course, I called him right back.

ME: Thats not funny (although I was smiling a little)

HIM: I know, it was for effect. Im sorry honey, but two dogs and three kids is enough for now. Maybe in a year we can get another dog for the kids.


So, it was short lived, but I did love Patti. Oh, Patti, I hope you get a home....She is on Petfinder too, under Out West Pet Rescue, in Prosser WA, if anyone wants to look. Type in Bassett and she will come up. The pictures dont do her justice, she is soooo sweet.


Erin said...

Haha! I have been forbidden from pet stores when they have adoption days. I actually suggested getting a kitten for V on her adoption day - you know, adopting a pet to celebrate V's adoption day - I got shot down. You're not the only one!

Anonymous said...

what is it with our husbands denying us more little people or little fluffy creatures to love...i understand as dh just hasn't got to the yes honey we can get a dog stage again yes...even though i saw a puggle i would love...