Friday, September 5, 2008

British Zombies on the wrong side of the road.

I was enjoying a little bit of one on one time with Adam the other day, while the other two were at school, and before he had to go to kinder. We played with his little electric train set. It has a barn, farm animals and a store with an ATM maching on the outside. There is also a man and woman and a car, among other things, like trees, and stop signs.

Anyway, I was setting up the track better and he was playing with the figures behind me. There is also a red phone booth too. Which I think is strange. Is this a train in LONDON? Has the little car been driving on the wrong side of the road all this time? We we making the little people violate traffic laws? I just dont know why they made the phone booth red unless it is an English train set, which its not.

Anyway, I digress. I had to get that off my chest, so thanks for listening. Anyway, while playing I hear Adam say:

"Please, I have to save my wife" and he has the little man in the telephone booth. So, because Im dying to know, I ask.

"What is wrong with his wife?"

"The Police were killing her"

Me: "What? They are killing her?"

Adam: "No, she is just wounded".

Me: "Oh, what happened?" (Now Im really involved and must know EVERYTHING)

Adam: "They were arresting her and she didnt even DO anything".

Me: "wow."

He brings the car and the couple around to the middle of the tracks where there are roads. I notice that just the lady is in the car, driving. I ask where her husband is. Adam points to the spot where he just laid the husband, by the store.

Adam: He is buried there.

Me: what?

Adam: He is dead. Oh, wait, now hes alive.

He puts the husband back into the car with the wife. Who, Im sure was terrified because her dead and buried husband is now sitting NEXT to her. He is also probably telling her how to drive too.

Then he puts them both into the store

Adam: Its a restaraunt. They are spending the night.

Me: Why dont they go home?

Adam: Their house is broke down. It had a fire in it.

Me: Oh no. What happened? (see why I keep asking?)

Adam: They had a kid, and he was playing with the remote and it started a fire.

Me: Where is the kid?

Adam: He is dead.

I say nothing now because all the death stuff is worrying me.

Adam: No, he is just wounded.

Me: Oh, good. Is he in the hospital?

Adam: No, he is in the restaraunt.

So, I was quite entertained for a while, but now I have to wonder where he gets this stuff? Actually, Im not so sure I want to know. I was a little relieved he was leaving the little plastic Stephen King storyland and going off to cut out shapes of squirrells, color pictures of mice and apples. Its tough being five.


Torina said...

That is so funny! My kids say morbidly funny/interesting things, too. My newest son believes that aliens live in all the corn fields around here. He used to get all freaked out whenever we'd drive down the road and look out the window intently.

Erin said...

You should hear the kinds of things I get to listen to during whose dog died and whose tooth fell out and who sister threw up that morning. Bluck!