Monday, August 23, 2010

A simple sentence and an update

While the kids were swimming yesterday and I was reading..I actually came across a sentence in my book that made me put the book down and I havent picked it up yet again...and Im almost done! Im sure I will finish the book, its a really good book, its just that I  have to let the little visual clear my head first.

It was describing hurricane Hugo in Pat Conroy's "South of Broad" and it was describing what the characters were seeing as they stared out the window. It said:

"A dachshund went flying by the window screaming".

Yeah, so if it had simply said a dachshund went flying might have been somewhat funny as I can picture my wieners flying by with their floppy ears flared out like Dumbo. The "screaming" part indicates terror or pain and well.....I just cant handle the thought of my little wiener dogs experiencing either. Never in my life has one sentence had that affect on me. But then again Im pretty sure I have issues anyway....

 The start of the school year happens in one week. L will be going to middle school...and Im not sure I am ready for this. I have heard that they will be combining the grades in some classes too. Math for instance, will contain students based on level and not on L, who is an A+ student in that area, may be in classes with 7th or 8th graders. Socially, I dont believe that is a good idea. But who am I? Just his mom.....not a thing I can do about it either, I guess. On the bright side the school is having a bbq tomorrow for new sixth graders and their parents which I think is a good idea for all the questions there are about the big world of middle school.  He is really nervous too poor kid. I was terrified on my first day of high school.

GICOE is out sick today....and Im thrilled. Its like a day off when that happens. No bellowing sea lion noises barreling down the hallway today. No stupid questions, no micro managing, no printing out things for him that he has access to himself, not to mention that he HAS a printer in his office. I guess he cant figure out where to hit "print". Seriously. The other day he said to an employee in his gruff, assholish way..."seems like you have a problem with something". Forgetting that a week and half ago the poor man lost his son to suicide....yeah. And when he was reminded of this he said: "Well, I'll apologize to him, but there comes a time when you just have to get back to normal". Yeah, as if a week in a half is sufficient enough time to resume "normal" after something like that. Im pretty sure the poor man's "normal" is altered forever....what an insensitive, soulless POS.

Hopefully REAL soon, Ill be leaving this position and moving to a different position, which would be awesome..but I'll miss blogging about him. He provides so much material. He's known agency wide, so Im sure Ill still have some stories though.

Im trying to lose some weight. I hate food...because I love it so much. Why cant I be genetically blessed with a body that has a super high metabolism? Is that really too much to ask? Thats all I have to say about that...Im not going to blog about weight loss though...I'll just let you all know when and IF Im successful when its all said and done.

I would love to blog daily....however, Im not sure I can accomplish that. Tomorrow I start my last class before I get my Bachelors...and sometimes I get sick of being around the computer when Im eyebrow deep in schoolwork, but I'll do my best. I hope you all are well...


Anonymous said...

That sentence would make me stop in my tracks too! Wow! I love sentences like that, they really make reading fun!

I hope all goes well with schooling (for everyone).

Happy Monday.

foxy said...

Uh, yeah, I can see how that sentence would upset you. But it really paints a vivid, albeit terrifying picture, doesn't it?

I feel you on the food thing. I feel like I'm in a neverending battle with food. I love the good stuff (Mexican food & wine mainly) far too much! Good luck on your diet....

Macey said...

Yay for a sick GICOE!!
And, yeah, the weiner dog is sorta funny, but really sad too.