Monday, June 21, 2010

Uh Oh

Today, GICOE was in my office trying to get on my good side or something, and he made the comment:

"I give you and your husband credit...going from 0 to 3 all at once. I couldnt do it".

For real...he said "from 0 to 3". Coincidence, I hope so, I mean he does know we adopted three kids, its just his wording that freaked me out. I really dont want him reading my blog, know what I mean? Not like he could DO anything about it...everything I have written is true. Im sure its coincidence...he doesnt strike me as a blog reading (or reading period) type of guy. And I have told NO ONE at work about my blog. In fact, no one except maybe one person, in our community knows about it. thats it. Im done worrying about it..

As far as ABC gum boy..his throat hurts today (as does mine), and so I used that opportunity to point out that its probably the disease he got from chewing someone else's Already Been Chewed gum. But..I seriously hope it isnt related to that, because thats disgusting.

L came back from his non spelunking (just an excuse to type that again) trip yesterday. His scout leader (master? Whatever he is called..the ADULT in charge) said he needed to talk to us...of course no parent likes to hear that. He told us that there was an incident (no parent definitely wants to hear THAT). He said there were some inappropriate name calling going on (Dueche Bag) and that it was overheard by another scout. He talked to L and the other boy involved and L said he didnt say anything. He got the witness again who said he didnt actually know which boy of the two said it, but it definitely came from that tent. Then the other boy admitted that L didnt say anything, it was just him. Phew....although Im pretty sure that L doesnt even KNOW that word. Anyway, it was nice that OUR father's day was dampered by news that our son was acting inappropriate. Let someone else deal with that Dont know if I could have handled ABC gum chewing, puppy diarhea, lying daughter, AND calling other kids "Dueche Bag" all in one weekend.

So I hope everyone had a nice father's day. We did. S and A gave T their fathers day gifts/cards. We went out to lunch and took my father and mother and had a good time. L had already given his gift to T, but missed the lunch due to still being on the trip Once again everyone is back at home for one more week...then L and S are off to thier summer camp. I want to go to summer camp!!! For a whole week......nah, I think Id end up being bored, too much goes on at my house.


Macey said...

Oh no. I hope GICOE doesn't know about 0-3!!!

sitting on the mood swing at the playground said...

I would have freaked to hear GICOE say "0 to 3." I thought of you/him today because I had a mini Almond Joy (not 9...).

Mama Drama Times Two said...

Wow. I thought for a minute that GICOE was actually showing his kinder, gentler, feminine caring side....I truly think grownups should get to go to summer camp -especially after having to deal with what life can throw at us.