Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Just some ramblings about stuff that may or may not matter

We have one more game of baseball left for the little guys. A did great last night, involved in two plays that resulted in an "out" for the other team. And the best part? Both plays were involving his best friend J. Team work.

My stepdaughter R came to visit over the weekend with her significant other, J. Who we like A LOT. And we got to see our grandson, C. It was a good weekend. The boys played hard together all weekend, and I even got in on some of it. I took all six kids (my three, C, J, and his brother A) to the park for a pick up baseball game. It was fun, I even batted. Now Im sore..Im too old, I tell ya.

I just got a text from our daycare lady. Apparently A ate some frosting off of a cake that he wasnt supposed to touch, and then was going to let her three year old take the blame. Great. Since Im blogging about it, what would you all do about this? He seems to not be able to leave sugary things alone when they dont belong to him, or he just doesnt have permission...and Ive about had it with this. And his lying about it.

On a lighter note, AI is over, and so is my obsession with Simon Cowell. No more Simon, and it breaks my heart. I dont care who they get to replace him, it wont be the same. I guess Im done watching the show. I like some of the artists that have come out of that show, but if Simon's not on it, I cant see it holding my interest anymore. The kids are over it too now, anyway. When they first started watching it they were enthralled, but now they get a little, bye bye AI.

Hell's Kitchen started a new season last night. Of course, I was at baseball, but I recorded it, so dont tell me anything about it.

I think people who have cottonwood trees in their yards should pay me restitution for pain and suffering. If Im not on allergy pills, then Im miserable and sneezing. If Im on allergy pills, I feel lethargic and dopey...even the "non drowsey" stuff does that to me.

Our new puppy Rocky has definitely entered the "brat zone". I liked it better when he slept alot. Now he just chews alot...I know, its what they do. He has plenty of toys, and we try to keep other things off the ground and out of mouths reach AND we kennel him when we are gone, but still. He manages to find someones underwear, socks or pants laying around, and if we arent quick, hes chewing it. He lost two teeth in one day the other day, so he needs to chew, I just wish he'd stick to his stuff.

The highlight of my weekend was while we were out to eat at a Mexican restaurant, and A said quite loudly, for some unknown reason:


This struck my stepdaughter R, funny and so she shouted


There really wasnt that many people in the restaraunt, so it wasnt like we were being overly disruptive...just a little. Anyway, her doing that tickled my funny bone like it had not been tickled in a while. I know...Im easily amused.


Cassie said...

How old is A? I would keep some small sugary typr items home for him to have only when he restrains himself from taking other people's. Does that make sense? I hope so.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to X Factor cause I'm also finished with AI. Hell's Kitchen was great.

Macey said...

This is the first season of AI I've watched since like season 3. Now I think I won't watch anymore because I love Simon.

Erin said...

I understand with the A situation....I would have him write an apology letter and choose some of his candy that he has at home to "pay her back" for taking something without permission. I had this problem with V a few months ago and did something seemed to get the point across!

Shawn said...

Puppies lose teeth like little babies? Weird. I never knew that.

Mama Drama Times Two said...

The Other Mother played wiffle ball with the boys last week and is still aching! Getting old(er) stinks. That's why I sit on the bench and watch...

The Accidental Mommy said...

The sugar swiper should apologize and make restitution. If it's a repeated problem the consequence has to be more significant than the immediate reward of sugar swiping- that will be hard!
I think Howard Stern should take over AI.
Did not know about HK being back, will have to check.

N I C O L said...

We have a sugar swiper, Nolan. I've blogged about it endlessly. Here's my two cents (times 6, lol): He takes because 1. It's something that he actually LIKES. 2. He "knows" that he deserves it and never got ALL he deserved, so therefore, he is owed so that makes it totally OK in his eyes. 3. He knows that it will IRK the bejesus out of us. So we decided to ignore it. When we don't have anything to praise and we see he's snitching again I start making Stuffed Shells or Fettucine Alfredo, both of which he DETESTS with a rabid passion. When he asks why I'm making that I tell him that the carbs and sauces just seem to have such a GOOOOOD effect on him. He gets it and we start over again.
There seems to be no rationale of payback because he KNOWS that he DESERVES to GET GET GET. Until he feels DEEEEEEP inside that he has gotten all he deserves he will be the proverbial "bucket with holes."
Good luck. Oh, and replacing the chocolate with exlax (in the hopes that he'd learn to not do that because it will make him sick-ish) did NOT work. It didn't bother him one bit, just make him regular. REally.