Saturday, June 19, 2010

ABC Gum, Upset Puppy Tummys and Summer Camp Blues

It seems like anymore my posts are nothing but hodgepodge of whinery or cute things the kids say or do. I used to be more organized and more rounded...maybe someday Ill get back to posting some of the other posts again. Someday, perhaps when my ship comes in.

My kids, well two of them, are giving me fits. The oldest one is at a camp out with boyscouts (the spelunking was cancelled. damn it.), the little boy just came back from three days at camp, and S will be going to camp, and L will be going again too, in about a week.

My first experience with sending the little boy away? Not good. First of all the little punk didnt even say goodbye when we dropped him off. I know he was excited about it, and from what Ive been told, I acted the same way when dropped off at summer camp. But still....couldnt he have mustered a weak little "bye mommy" maybe with some watery eyes? For me? Sheesh....This is what really gets me...when he came HOME he cried. Yeah, he did. He said he missed his counselor? WTH? Hes known the guy all of three days. I dont get it. I know I shouldnt take it personally, older adopted children can have some issues about things and what they do often isnt normal. Still, it stings a little bit and Im a little confused about it.

Today, while looking at some clothing at the store, I notice that I hear A chewing gum. It registers that I didnt give him I ask:

Where did you get the gum?

A: Uh oh. Ummm...I picked it up.
Me: From where?
A: The ground.


Again, wth? So once again we talked about germs. I took him to the bathroom where he washed his hands and rinsed out his mouth real good (which I know was pointless, but I thought maybe it would help the idea of how GROSS that is sink in). So...I thanked him for not lying, and I didnt return the toy I just bought him because he told the truth (a huge improvement), but he was told he would get no more gum. period. I explained that all he had to do was ask for gum. I told him that Grandmas alway have gum in their purses and he should have asked Grandma for some, since she was with us. Ick...Im just at a loss with what to do about his putting things in his mouth.

Our puppy had an upset tummy. I mean severe diarhea..without any other signs of illness. And yes, he is up to date on all shots. Instead of freaking out I pulled out my trusty first aid for dogs book. It told me to:

Give puppy Pepto (about two tsps for his size)

Suspend all food for about twelve hours

Boil some hamburger and some rice, mix together with a little low fat/low sodium chicken broth (for flavor) and feed in small frequent meals.

If by the third day the stool is normal, slowly introduce puppy food back into diet by incorprating it with the beef/rice mixture...adding more puppy food each time until all the food is puppy food.

If by third day, stool is still runny, take puppy to the vet.
If there are any other syptoms with diarhea such as fever, yellow in whites of the eyes, blood in stool, lethargic puppy, severe loss of appetite and vomiting...disregard "do it yourself" cure and take puppy to the vet.

Know what? It worked. Poopydog is all better and Im so relieved I dont have to pay yet another couple hundred dollars at the vet.


Macey said...

The camp little guys have never gone to camp, but they've had moments where they don't say goodbye to me and it makes me so sad!
Also, ABC gum. EWWWW.

The Accidental Mommy said...

Good idea to get the poopy dog fixed up while the boy with the abc gum fetish is still walking around.

foxy said...

Okay, GUH-ROSS on the abc gum. SERIOUSLY ICKY. But, you're right, at least he didn't lie. That's a big step in one direction, at least.

And apparently I need that doggy first aid book. What is it called?? I could stand to save whatever money I can, vet-wise. said...

we have doggy issues here to, same diet when they are big works wonders. ick on the gum, no idea for that one, sorry.

Shanti said...

aw, that's tough about sending the little guy away for the first time. of course, i always feel less worried when i know they're bounding off in excitement. lol
and ewwwww about the gum!!

Slamdunk said...

I can relate to the gum on the ground thing. Our youngest has no understanding of food on the ground/under the couch means yuck. He is always trying to grab candy he finds in stores on the ground and I have to watch him constantly.

He did learn a small lesson when he found an old milk in a Sippycup that he had stashed under a couch. One drink and he was gagging.