Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Weirdness that is me

Everyone has weird dreams I suppose, however I think mine might be a bit weirder than the average. The one I had this morning is a prime example.

I dreamed that I was at a big fairgrounds or something and you could enter to race a horse, like be a jockey, for fun. So, of course, I did. I raced once and came out like third, then I wanted to go again, but there was a long wait until the next race. So, I wondered around for a while with my cousin. My cousin is like three years younger than me, and in this dream she was calling me "Mom" as if I was now her mother. WTH???

Anyway, we make our way to the bleachers of a stadium and I was supposed to find my horse and its owner in the stands and sit by them, so I did. Yes, the horse was sitting in the bleachers, with its big horse butt on the seat and everything. So we sat there listening to God knows what, and the horse who was in between me and its owner put his arms (front legs) around us both and pulled us together so our heads were touching and then laughed.

I was laughing and everything, but then I started to throw I asked where the bathroom was and someone said, "Its kind of a pain in the butt to get to", and they pointed me in the direction of the bathroom. Well, I had to enter like a house type building, and had to wind around all these weird stairs, then I had to climb over cabinets, under tables, up more stairs and over a mound of boxes until I finally reached the bathroom.

I dunno. I obviously need professional help. Maybe it means that while Im in the bleachers at my sons' football games that I act like a horse's ass. Im NOT going to use the bathroom at the game tonight for sure..Ill go before I leave and wont drink anything....

So, whenever I have one of these weird dreams I end up having a weird day after words, and Im cranky. This morning was no exception. Im up and dressed and waiting for my mother to arrive, who is going to watch my daughter because she broke her arm the other night (a whole 'nother blog post)and cant go to school until she gets her permanent cast on. I check on the boys and their progress in getting ready for school. I noticed that A had his heavy winter coat on, and well...its been kind of warm so I told him to put on his sweatshirt.

His reply?
A: Ill just wear this.
Me: No, I think itll be too warm, put on your sweatshirt.
A: But I wanna wear this...

at this time my mom arrived and I got side tracked in giving her dog/daughter instructions for the day, but in the back of my mind I was thinking that there must be a reason A was insisting on wearing the big puffy coat...and I thought I knew why.

Once I got done talking to my mom, I went back downstairs, and on my way past the bathroom where he was doing his hair, I said, "Lets go put your sweatshirt on".
He followed me into his room and low and behold...No sweatshirt..just as I thought.

He finally admitted that he left it outside at recess...this makes two sweatshirts in one week. It was his cutest one two..a little plaid one with little skulls on it...very cute. Anyway I explained that him saying he "just wanted to wear" his coat when the truth was his sweatshirt was lost was to me, like lying, so I said he would be punished this is what he said:

A: I did say I lost it.
Me: No, you didnt.
A: I just said it really softly so you didnt hear.
Me: Oh, ANOTHER lie, huh?
A: Well, Ok I THOUGHT about saying it.

Aaaargh. Any other time I would have maybe thought it was a little funny....his comebacks, but this morning, no, not laughing. He got to see creepy, not so nice mommy. Im blaming weird dreams with weird horses and weird bathrooms for it.

Of course I tell my hubby and HE laughs....I haven't told him about my dream yet. He'll just say I have issues, which I know already.


Heather Cherry said...

Maybe you're just jealous of Carmen's racing victory?

A is so hilarious!

P.S. At choir practice last night I pointed out Doxology to my mom and said, "You know what that's about, right?" :)

Macey said...

I'm loving the horse butt connection. My dreams can be FREAKY. I am too embarrassed even to tell anyone what they are!

foxy said...

You DO, in fact, have some crazy dreams. Way crazier than mine anyway.

It takes a while for kids to learn stuff, huh? That whole lying by omission is a tricky one. On the bright side, he's smart and inventive!

obladi oblada said...

HC- You know, I didnt even think about that. LOL...doxology! Did she know?

MiMi- Its great to see you here. Yeah, I should be too embarrassed too...but I had to get it off my chest, so wierd!

Foxy-Yeah smart and inventive and killing me slowly:)

Mama Drama Times Two said...

Speaking of carmen - have her check out Corey's post today...