Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Too True Tuesday

It's time once again for Too True Tuesday as brought to you by Essie. This week's question is: What is the first thing you would do if you won the lottery?

Oh..and your not allowed to say "pay off bills" for yourself or anyone else. Hey, them (intentional use of word here) are the rules; I didnt make it up. I would do those things for sure, but first? Im not sure about doing them first.

You know I am really glad that Essie has given us a theme to go by every week, because quite frankly I was starting to look a giant moron with all the confessions of stupid things that I have done in my life...like forgetting my child, and walking out of restroom in a crowded place with toilet paper trailing behind me...so thanks Essie for saving what remained of my dignity. Much appreciated.

Anyhow, back to the question...the first thing I would buy is probably a bottle of champagne to celebrate with and an obsene amount of chocolate. Honestly. Or buy the things I need to replace because I broke a bunch of stuff jumping around in my excitement. Oh and I would go straight to Hallmark and buy my boss a card that says, "thanks, but no thanks, have a nice quiet life". Small, but necessaary stuff.

Then I would buy some new bras and underwear, because mommy never buys that stuff for herself, and honestly....its really time. Then I would buy new towels for the house because ours are really sad; hard and stiff, not soft and comforting when drying off AT ALL.

Then I would buy a new house, still untouched by children and the havoc they wreak...and just sell the old one as is or just let it sit there...dont really care. I would buy one with low maintenance yard (or at this point no yard at all, because I so dont have time for yard work). No carpet for dog, juice, and whatnot stains, one level of stairs for my old knees to contend with. I would still have to have a pool, so I would buy one with a retractable roof, so the ever present wind couldnt blow all its crap into it and we wouldnt have to open and close the pool every year it could stay open (Im at the point right now that filling it in with cement doesnt sound bad at all). OR I would just hire my own pool/yard guy. One just like the cute dude in "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" would do just nicely, thank you. Yes, his chihuahua has to come too.

There you have it. That is what I would do because Im tired of working, both at work AND at home, tired of crappy towels, and under garments, and carpet. That is the truth.


Macey said...

How sad, but so close to my list too. New undies? Yup. New carpet? Definitely. Man. The little things that would make us happy!

The Accidental Mommy said...

Bra's and a new house? Okay, cool!
Might I suggest you keep the old house and let your kids live in it. That way your new house stays nice! LOL! Just kidding!

Mama Drama Times Two said...

Yes - TOWELS! I confess to often buying rally nice towels on clearance at Kohls or Marshalls - because,unlike jeans, towels always fit and also make me feel pampered.

N I C O L said...

Ever heard of surgeon and safari? It's an African safari trip where you get plastic surgery while you are there 'resting' and vacationing. I would have whatever proceedures I could to still look just like me - only more rested looking like they say. And I would build my dream house during that rest. During that time I would send my oldest to one of those super super expensve Outward Bound experiences just because I could. Then I would take the whole family on a Disney + Caribbean vacation and come home to my dream house. I've had the sketches for years, so if you win you can use them - one floor, totally maintenance free, pool w retractable roof already there. There is a yard, although minimal maintenance is required.