Saturday, October 24, 2009

Apologies, complaints and other stuff

Im pretty over whelmed and just plain exhausted these days. Dont get me wrong, I love my kids, I do. I think they were absolutely meant to be with us, however...Im tired. Its my own fault though; I insist that they get to do all the stuff they never had a chance to do that they should have been able to, so Im burning it at both ends, shoving 20 pounds of poop in a five pound bag (you can go ahead and blame my husband for that little analogy, its one his faves).

Ive been somewhat neglectful in my blogging and my blogging reading as well, so I am apologizing for not being around and commenting more, although I am trying to read and keep up to date with everyone. Ive been neglecting my SNA friends too (you know who you are), and Im bummed out about it.

I have all kinds of photos, videos and what-not (love that word, or phrase whatever it is)to post, but the extra ten minutes it would take for me to load the pics, just too much for me at this point.

For what seems like six months now, Ive been running between two football teams and a soccer team, all the practices, games etc. Its actually only been since August, but it feels a lot longer. There is a light at the end of the tunnel though, and by Halloween, all the sports will be over until baseball season. The funny thing is, next year..I will do it all again. Why? Because I think its good for my kids. They light up when they do something great on the field, or just get to see their friends. They play hard, they are building muscle and they are eating well. They are healthy. If you saw them when they first came home to us, that was simply not the case. They were pale, skinny and lacked muscle tone. N has had to do push ups and sit ups at home to build up the muscle he should have at his age in order to play these sports, and he has. He is catching up quick and it makes me smile to see him catch a ball, to run like the wind, and to be able to do pull ups in his PE class He has actually passed some other kids his age in baseball skill, who have been playing for a long time. He has worked hard. He has a ways to go...but hes doing it with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye. And so, Im tired...but I will be doing it all again next year.

Ive got some things to look forward to. Pretty soon I get to share with my kids something that was important to me as a kid, and something that my family did, something that was a huge part of my childhood, and for that Im very excited. I will share about it soon; it is a surprise for them. In June I should be done with school, and that will free up some time and maybe I can go work somewhere else where the powers to be actually have brains. Wow..imagine that?

There are some things I am not looking foward to. Like my fortieth birthday. That is in two days...and at the moment Im feeling every single year of that. My hip hurts, I have to dye my hair, I watch the news...Im old.

I have a lot to share on here,and I suppose I could have done that instead of rambling on right now as I have, but I am tired, and so ramble I will.

I will leave off with something amusing my daughter said yesterday. I was watching Nancy Grace (which I usually dont watch in the presence of the kids-but for some reason it was on)and S was in the dining room drawing.

S: She (meaning Nancy Grace)is always interrupting people and making fun of what they say.

She is so observant sometimes. Im off to read and hopefully to fall into a restfull, dream free, cat-fight-outside my window free sleep. Is that too much to ask?


Lisa said...

May you sleep late and have peaceful, relaxing dreams.....

obladi oblada said...

Thanks Lisa! I did too...I probably slept nine hours..which is a lot for me. Now...I have a ton of homework to do which Im procrastinating on.

Shanti said...

Oh boy, I sooo know what you mean about being completely and utterly exhausted, trying to provide your kids with experiences that you know are important, but all the while making you shove all your poop in that little ziploc baggy. was that a run-on sentence?
enjoy your reprieve after halloween!!

obladi oblada said...

Thank you Shanti...I will!

Mama Drama Times Two said...

Happy Early Birthday! Hope yours is a relaxing one - you totally deserve it!