Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Annoyments and Enjoyments of This Very Moment

Things that I am enjoying:

This fabulous Bee Gees tune from my disco dancing childhood.

The fact that I just spent 10 minutes in my co workers office laughing my butt off-hard laughter that makes your stomach hurt is THE best.

The fact that all sports events for the evening have been cancelled (what WILL I do with my time?) due to weather

My boss isnt here today

Knowing that the Hell's Kitchen finale is waiting for me to watch on Tivo-Go Dave!! Or long as it isnt that Kevin creep ( spoilers please).


This makes TWO Bee Gee songs in a row? What..did Barry or Maurice die?

The sun is out. Yes this annoys me...I do not want my phone to ring with news that sports games/practices are back on.

The worker in the office next to me who keeps sighing. Im going to have to go over there and see what the problem is, and Im quite busy, thank you.

My office smells strange and I have no idea why.


Torina said...

Maybe your coworker is sighing because they have gas...and that would explain the smell..

foxy said...

Love the Bee Gees!! And I also happen to love the Barry Gibb talk show skit they do on SNL... it's totally my favorite. And not just because JT is on there.

No doubt on laughing til you bust a gut. It is the best. Makes for a good day...

And no, I don't hate you because you haven't seen Twilight. ;) Twilight, the movie, is really not very good - it's the book that got me... the whole series, actually. It's very entertaining - and addictive - and really easy/a quick read. Check out the first one and see if you agree.

obladi oblada said...

Torina: LOL!!!! Maybe.

Foxy: I love that skit too! I do plan on reading Twighlight, one of these days.