Friday, June 19, 2009

Say What?

Im getting ready to send N to church camp, its in the mountains and there will be all kinds of cool things for him to do. Lots of sports, swimming, archery, etc. So, I took the list of things he was supposed to take and went shopping. You know, I got the little bottle of shampoo, small tube of tooth paste, comb, etc, etc.

My husband LAUGHED at me. He said I wasted my money.

Me: Why? It says to bring all this, and he has to wash and brush his teeth.
Him: Yes, ideally, that is what would happen, but you wasted your money.
Me: I dont get it, please elaborate.
Him: He isnt going to wash, or brush his teeth.
Me: Yes, he will, he will feel gross if he doesnt.
Him: Have you ever been a 10 year old boy?
Me: Well, no...
Him: Trust me. He's on vacation, he will try to get away with as much as possible.
Me: Ok, but he'll still want to wash and if he doesnt the grown up will tell him to.
Him: Nope. No one is going to make sure he washes or brushes his teeth.

My mom was over at the time this conversation was going on. This is what she said:

Mom: When I was little and went to camp, all the mothers got frustrated because we all came home with a bunch of clean underwear.

Me: So, no one even changed their underwear?
Mom: Nope.
Husband: See?

So, Im sending my son off to live like a pig for a week? Nice. Money well spent all the way around.

So, Id like to hear from mothers who have sent their sons off to camp. Is this true? Will I find a stack of clean underwear, dry, perfectly unused soap, and a tooth paste tube without a dent in it? Please say it isnt so.


Funnyrunner said...

lol. One can dream...

Erin said...

I don't know about boys, but when I went to camp, I was very good about changing my underwear and brushing my teeth, but I was a goody two shoes too :) I do remember that our boys from church camp really stunk on the ride home in the church bus...maybe T is on to something! :) Hope N doesn't come back TOO stinky :P

Anonymous said...

My 14 yr old daughter does nothing in the way of hygiene at camp. We have to drive home with the windows rolled down.

Stacey said...

That is hilarious!!! I have never sent a child to camp but one of these days when they're old enough, I will remember not to waste my money on any toiletries!!!!

Mama Drama Times Two said...

Having sent several boys off to camp - I am sad to report thatyour husband is correct. They usually do make them shower and brush their teeth the morning they return home. Good luck!!!!

rsbg said...

oh honey it is wayyyyyyyy true! the boys went to camp summer before last, they wore the same 2 outfits the entire time, same 1 pair of socks, never opened the shampoo or soap i sent, and didn't even open up the disposable cameras i sent for them to take pictures.

sorry to say, but camp is fun, but there is NO hygiene involved! :-(

Crazy Mama said...

In my son's mind, when he went swimming in the "spring fed lake" aka cesspool of was "like" taking a bath. Yeah...grossness. Good luck unpacking him, too. The dirty stuff will be so nasty it doesn't matter what clean stuff was left. It will all be contaminated. He'll have fun, though!

almost famous said...

really laughing out loud. sounds very funny. When I was younger I went to a summer camp.. for about three summers in a row.. but it wasn't the kind where I stay there for a couple months.. it was just a day camp.. and now I wonder, had I went away, would I have done .. or not done the same thing! ha!