Tuesday, June 23, 2009

People are strange.....

...when your a stanger, faces are ugly when youre alone....

Remember that Doors song? It has some truth to it. Take my lunch time experience today for instance. It's not that the lady wass ugly, but she was strange. Maybe I am just becoming intollerant.

Im in Subway, my FAVE place for healthy lunch, and I order my samich. She is in front of me and telling them what veggies she wants.

Her: Everything except for the green peppers.

The lady behind the counter passes over the green peppers and puts all the other veggies on, to include jalepenos.

Her: NO. I dont want those, I said no "green" peppers.

The lady behind the counter looks confused, and I cant blame her, Im a little foggy too. She puts the jalepenos back and says:

Ok so did you want these-points to the green (bell) peppers.

Her: Yes. I want some of those yellow peppers too (pepperoncinis).

Ok, so the lady doesnt know her peppers...AT ALL, evidently. Not, the crime of the century, not everyone is up on thier peppers like me. No biggie. It doesnt stop there.

I get my samich, pay and go to get my drink. This same doofus woman has her sandwich ON TOP of where you put your cups, to get your drink..like UNDER the nozzles that the drinks come out of. So no one else (meaning me) can get a beverage, because her jalepeno free sandwich is in the way while she gets iced tea out of the canister next to the drink thingy (dispenser?). I dont even WANT anything out of the dispenser, because I too want tea, however I do require ICE, which her sandwich is blocking the access to. So, I wait. She gets her tea and turns to pick up her sandwich and LOOKS right at me. A blind person could see I was waiting to get some ice...not her. She doesnt even apologize. I smother the urge to yell after her:

"They are called jalepenos. The yellow ones are pepperoncinis and the bell peppers are known as "green peppers". I see you made it past kindergarten!!!!! "

So, Im so annoyed that I end up getting lemonade (thats what the kids get when we go out, instead of soda), instead of the TEA I wanted....at least she will know the color of the traffic lights, she may not know what they stand for though.

Rant over.


The Accidental Mommy said...

I think people are just getting more annoying overall. Would it really kill her to be polite? Really? Is it soooooo hard? Anyway. Thank goodness there were no red serranos to pick from. She might have burst a vein.

Heather Cherry said...

Don't you just hate people? They're the worst.

foxy said...

AHA! That's how I found you... LOVED your open letter to tennis. Too funny.

Amy said...

I hope the sandwich artist had dirty hands while she was making her jalepeno free masterpiece. Idiot!!

N I C O L said...

I, too, am literally torqued by the little things in life like that. It would have made me nuts!!
Kudos to you for not driving over her on the way out of Subway!