Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Toy Review Tuesday

...sorry. That was mean. There is no toy review today, because Im pretty much a worthless lazy blob of a blog owner lately. I realize I havent done a toy review in a looong time, and I do plan on rectifying that. Thats a scary word..rectify. Its because of the "rect.." part of the word. Anyway, once the very mean guy who is holding my laptop hostage (and by proxy ALL my pictures of toys n stuff)decides to do his flippin' job and fix it, then RETURN it to me, I plan on doing some toy reviews. In the meantime I will work on some new toys to review, with recent birthdays I have a few in mind.

Speaking of toys, I would never buy my child this:

What kind of sicko would think that was OK? Clowns are murderous creeps that prey on children. ALL of them. I prefer this:

If something is going to jump out at me, I would rather it be a cute little monkey, not a blood sucking clown.

Of course for myself, I might buy this:

How cool is that? Its an Ozzy in the box. You can get one here. Id kind of like one with Sharon jumping out holding one of her little dogs. I like Sharon, except for last week when she was mean to that lady who isnt very nice to look at, but can sing her butt off......whats her name? From Scotland? Crap, I hate when I cant....Oh..Susan Boyle thats it. Phew. Anyway, Sharon...I was a little disappointed in you for those comments. I always thought you were a bit nicer than that, unless of course someone ticks you off, then you can get pretty mean. Susan Boyle didnt make you mad did she?

Anyway, I really digressed. Toy Review Tuesdays will be back soon. For all two of you who care anyway.


Macey said...

Ahaha! That's funny! Toy review. No review! :)
I saw a jack in the box the other day, one of the old school ones. Creepy little nasty thing.
Hey, I just was looking at your bookshelf. That one about the girl with the grisly murder?! That sounds freakin' scary!!

obladi oblada said...

Mimi, that murder book is something to read in the mean time while Im waiting for December's pick over at your place. If I dont have SOMETHING to read, I feel naked or something. If I got a normal regular sized book I might not be done with it in time, because while I love to read dont have a lot of time to read, so sometimes it takes me longer.

Heather Cherry said...

LOL, this was hilarious.

And jack-in-the-boxes are evil. They always scared the crap outta me.

Funnyrunner said...

funny. jacks in the box don't scare me.... but i still like you.

love the turkey design!