Sunday, May 9, 2010

Earth day pictures...better late than never. are the earth day pics. Next year Im not walking with the kids to the nature park and dam. Nope. I will drive.vI will meet them there. I will walk around and be part of the activities and then I will hope in my car and go home. I will not walk up that horrendous hill next year. The walk there isnt bad, no problem....that hill on the way back sucks. It does. Im old. Anway it was a good day, I went with S's class this year. I prolly spent as much time with her as I did with a boy on L's baseball team who is in S's class, because he cracks me up and he likes me. My favorite part of the day was, not because of the food, but because I got to walk around and find my boys too with their classes and visited each one for a few minutes before I went back to S's class. I get to spy on them too, which is always kind of neat.

This is going DOWN the hill. Going UP the hill really stinks. I mean, really.

Some guy and the huge Salmon he caught down there.

S would kill me if she knew I was posting this one. Here she is being teased by her friend's brother.

S looking at stuff through a microscope.

Learning about living things in the river.

L was in charge of two second graders as part of a "buddy project" his class was doing. Scary.

My little boy wearing his classroom shirt...he was happy to run into me!

S at the Salmon ladder.

S participating in an activity that involves reading a hand held GPS.


Canadian Blend said...

I love the photo where your son is happy to run into you. Nothing makes a parent feel better.

Macey said...

That look so fun! 'Cept for the walking. LOL