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Monday, May 11, 2009

Can you blame him, really?

So, not that Im condoning what he did, IF he did it. However, he is human, and how much can a guy take? Have you heard the way Kate talks to Jon, on "Jon and Kate plus Eight"? He probably just wants to be around someone who doesnt talk to him like he is stupid. She should work for Home Depot...she would fit right in. I have often felt bad for Jon the handful of times I have watched the show. So, when I heard the rumor, I was like,.."well, she should be nicer". That is horrible I know and its not a reason to step out...IM JUST SAYIN.....This is a day for me to get things of off my proverbial chest, so this might not be last stupid, slightly insensitive thing I say today, just so you know. Anyday Im expecting Matt Roloff to do the same as Jon , because Amy isnt much nicier to him. If they get a divorce, I want thier dog Rocky, I have this urge to kiss him on his wrinkled doggy head. I wuv him.


Heather Cherry said...

I'm always saying how I can't stand that show (it stresses me out!!!!) and the people I know who watch it are all, "But I just love their relationship. It's so real." Well, I hope I never have a reality like that. Indeed, she's rude to him all the time. I don't condone that kind of behavior.

obladi oblada said...

I hear ya sista. I do watch it because all the huge family shows are intruiging to me, but I dont watch that one very often because of miss snippy.

Erin said...

I quit watching that show because of the way she talks to him. Trust me, I understand how stressful parenting can be but you just don't treat your husband like that. What kind of example are you setting for your kids and their future relationships?

obladi oblada said...

E: Absolutely!

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