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Sunday, May 3, 2009


...that how I have been feeling the last week. I havent blogged much, I havent read many blogs lately, so if Ive been slack in commenting on your blogs, I apologize. Im not sure why Im not "feeling it" lately...

My job stinks, so I am getting a new one...same people pretty much, so it will probably still stink...however, I will be learning some cool stuff and doing some interesting things, so maybe that will help. I will have a new boss...which will be good. I liked one of my bosses, the other is just an idiot, and I can only handle so much idiot in one ten hour day. We cant all be completely on the ball and awesome like me one hundred percent of the time. Im kidding.

The kids...they are good. Just kind of trudging along in this thing called life. N is learning more about baseball and the importance of trying your best. He is learning to be a wise guy...his sense of humor is really coming out, and I like it a lot..he has made me laugh a few times this week. He is a bright one for sure.

S is excited about soccer, and mom being an assistant coach. We bought a ball and some cones and shin guards and have been practicing...Im showing her some technique, hoping she will be slightly ahead when its time for soccer camp. She is a social butterfly....has several freinds that come around to the house wanting to play. She still has no clue how to talk on the phone properly...Im working on it. She has gotten the hang of shredding cheese and peeling potatoes...

A is growing up too fast. He is a hard little worker. Weeding the front yard the other day and he was taking a break, and stuck his little gloves in his back pants pocket just like a big guy...cracked me up...gets his little work apron on whenever he helps dad on a project. He had a rough night tonight...crying, for I dont know what exactly...he gave me all kinds of reasons that didnt make sense to me. I figured he was just tired, but that isnt like him...he doesnt usually cry because of tiredness. He spent a long time today with a kid who has some issues...he says and S says everything was fine at the kids' house (I know the parents)...but Im wondering, is it healthy for him to spend that much time with a kid who has some development issues as well as some other stuff? Maybe that isnt it, but I think next time, he will spend a very small amount over there...Im not sure what to think. Maybe something bad did happen and he isnt telling me, even though I ask what is wrong? This is where inexperience as a parent can be a problem...do I jump to conclusions...do I shield him so much he cant breathe, at this point Im thinking yes. Anyone out there in adoption land shed some light on this?

Anyway, Im tired. Im rambling....I need a vacation, a weekend away but its not likely to happen. We have a stupid wii now, and I spent too much time on it today and I have to go into hell, I mean work, in the morning, and Id rather stick my face into a vat of acid at this point. I think Im depressed, I need chocolate and a glass of wine...or two.


Heather Cherry said...

I've missed you!

Stacey said...

I am right there with you. Maybe it is the weather? It has rained for a week straight here. I am in my gray drawstring pants and a t-shirt. Contemplating not even taking a shower today at all. Pretty bad, isn't it? Hope you have a better Monday!!!

Torina said...

One thing I do when behaviors pop up is I write them on the calendar. I don't get all crazy with it...I would just write: BB cried 5 times, and then whatever was out of the ordinary that day: appt, visited friend (name of friend), whatever. It has helped a lot to notice trends. Like with T, she has a hard time with Wednesdays. Writing it on the calendar helped identify that it was consistent. (now we get help on Wednesdays).

Erin said...

I have found that V does better at friend's houses in short bursts (an hour or two) rather than long periods of time. There is less chance of fussing and fighting and the play date feels more successful. He sounds like he was just tired...and maybe just needing a little mommy time. Is S just starting soccer? V's newest thing is soccer and I am wondering if she is too old to start.

obladi oblada said...

HC: Thanks, Ive missed you too.

Stacey: Its been raining here too, I usually like the rain. I know what you mean about not wanting to shower, etc.

Thanks Torina, I will try that!

Erin: Thanks, I think you are right about a shorter play date, for him anyway, S handled it like a champ. This is S's first year..it is all their first year for sports since lazy, money hungry fp's never got them into anything....I think you'll find there will be a few girls who have never played at V's age.

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