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Friday, May 21, 2010

What has been making me tired lately....I

Its a pooping puppy. A bratty puppy. Boy is he bratty. Little punk has razor sharp teeth. Of course Im the dork that sticks me nose near his mouth because I heart puppy breath:). So now, yeah, we have four dogs. We're done. I promise. My cat really does hate me now, but thats ok. She is evil anyway. It took the pooping puppy (whose name is Rocky by the way) a while to figure out that he can pretty much harrass kitty as much as he wants to because kitty has no claws. Thats right, we declawed her long ago. The last rotten cat I had shredded a perfectly good leather couch, so it was either leave her on the street where she was starving and parasite infested, or agree with my hub about declawing. But I digress....

Rocky is actually S's puppy. He sleeps in HER room, and SHE takes him out at 0' butt thirty in the morning to go potty. But I STILL have to wake HER up so she can take him out...because she sleeps like the dead. So Rocky wakes me up, and I wake HER up. That is how Im rollin'. She has begged for her "own" pet since day one. We plan on getting her into 4H with Rocky pooping puppy, but we have to wait until August, because she has to be in 4th grade first. Itll be good for her. She is already learning that there is tons of responsibility involved and not all soft cuddliness, playing, and puppy breath. There is poop. Lots of it, and sharp demon teeth, and the constant trips outside to "go potty", only so the puppy can do anything but go potty. Ah, yes....I love puppies, and everything that goes with it, but then again, Im a little nuts, they say.


MiMi said...

What a cute wittle pooping puppy! :)

foxy said...

Why is it that "the worst behaved" and "the cutest" always seem to coincide?? Because he's DANG CUTE. And I'm pretty sure he knows it.

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