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Monday, March 1, 2010

Funny Grandma, Killer Whales, and Dog Seals.

Its Monday....again. But, Im trying to optimistic about it all. First, I want to say that nothing funny happened at my training the other day...so it was complete boredom. Sorry to disappoint. I wanted to make fun of someone too.

So, Saturday I took the kids and my mother to the big city for a little shopping. Mainly for Easter clothes for the kids. I had to take all three kids. Usually L likes to stay home as he absolutely loathes shopping. T wasnt going to be home, and I was not about to leave him home all day by himself...although he is getting to that age. Im just not willing to go there yet.

Anyhoo...L was driving me nuts, teasing me constantly and acting completely silly (he said he was so bored it was the only way he could entertain himself)so when T called and said he was on his way home and would be passing through the area we were shopping in, I begged him to meet me in the parking lot to pick up the male children as they were not meshing well with the females who really wanted to enjoy shopping. He agreed and so to kill time until he got to there, we browsed the toy store (I know, a crazy thing to do, with three kids, but work with me here) until he got there. There was no way I was shopping for any more clothes with these boys, not unless I could lock them in a fitting room while I did it.

While looking down the baby doll aisle (S has a birthday coming up and I wanted some ideas), my mother (who is 70) brightened up my whole day.

Grandma: Oh, this doll sucks...well, not in a bad way.

Shocked and curious I look, and she is looking at a doll that drinks "sucks" on a bottle.

We had a good laugh over that, the kids even thought it was funny. Just the idea that grandma would even think about something "sucking" as in its no good, was just funny. Maybe you had to be there.

Last night I had another wierd dream....

Im standing on a dock in the middle of the ocean. There are a lot of people there and we are listening to some lady talk while feeding the killer whales and seals Oreo Cookies (the coverage on the killer whale tragedy must have infilterated my sub conscious). The lady was explaining how the whales would take to the air when it was time for us to leave this earth...that they would carry us away to our destination (the Hale-bopp whales?). Some guy spoke up and said: "Will there be more than one whale?" Our teacher answered, "yes....there will be many" (this morning T said, "why didnt she say it would be a "pod"?).

I looked down and saw a seal...begging for an oreo. It was a seal but had the face and eyes of my dearly departed Italian Greyhound Marco. Its bottom jaw was even quivering the way Marco's would when he was trying to get you to give him something you had).

What does it all mean? I think it is a warning. That if this week goes awry and my preteen boy drives me nuts....I am NOT to don black Nikes and cover myself in a purple cloth after having eaten poisoned pudding, because whales will NOT pick me up and carry me off. I should just open up a package of Oreos and soothe myself.

Yep...that sounds good to me.


foxy said...

Man, trying to analyze crazy dreams will drive a person insane. Believe me. :)

Canadian Blend said...

Whales carrying us away? There's a Star Trek movie in there somewhere.

MiMi said...

I love that I'm not the only one to have seriously messed up dreams!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Ummm, are the stars talking to you? Cuz that would be a worry.

I know what you mean about watching tv and dreams. I had to quit watching Sex and the City every night when it was in reruns. Seriously. LMAO!

sitting on the mood swing at the playground said...

I love your mom's comment. Oh, the dream! On the one hand any dream with cookies can't be all bad...

Shanti said...

crazy dream! i agree--trying to analyze them can make us insane!

Njtreese said...

I like your take on the dream. Maybe Marco just wanted to say "Hi".

Your Mom sounds like a lot of fun.

Erin said...

I have been having some wacky dreams too - I hate waking up being so confused! lol Shopping with kids...you are brave!

Funnyrunner said...

bwah!! hale-bopp whales. Ya gotta love dreams... I would've chuckled pretty hard at my mom saying "this doll sucks...."

oh my. Thanks. I needed those giggles.

Helen McGinn said...

Of course, killer whales have been in the news....maybe that's all it is?

My boy detests shopping too; he comes with the promise of pizza and the pictures afterwards but he isn't allowed to complain once! Works so far but then, he's still young.... ;O)

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