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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Random Thoughts Tuesday

I just got back from my walk with a co worker and Im sweating like a pig. Its nice and crisp and cool outside and in here they have the heat cranked up..no wonder people stink.

Im going through withdrawls, my laptap in in the shop. I did some kind of update on it and it freaked out on me, so it went to the nerd guy. I hope he can fix it..its been a few days now and Im getting a little worried. I have to use my husbands laptop for homework. If I use it for anything else he would consider it Unauthorized Use.

Im swearing off candy. I am. Im so addicted, I feel like an oompa loompa. Im sure that it is single handedly to blame for the recent weight gain....that and Im lazy lately. So theres that. I was doing pretty good too until my friend at work came in and threw a Christmas decorated sucker on my desk. She was eating one and said that if she was eating one, I had to too. You know what they say, Misery Loves Company.

Two weeks ago A and I were both sick. Just us...no one else caught it. What is up with that? Anyway, Im still coughing from the evil virus or whatever it was. So, I took a nyquilesque liquid and went to bed early last night. I kept waking up cold because Im stupid and sleep with three dogs and one man in a bed and so the covers get ripped off me quite frequently. No wonder Im sick.

My cat is evil. I know thats a "no duh" statement because that is what cats are....evil. If you dont believe me then how come every single time I sit down to do a Bible study my cat repeatedly sits her butt down in the middle of the Holy Book...hmm? Its hard to read Proverbs with a black tail swishing back and forth across the words and whiskers up my nose. Evil, pure evil.

My new dog, the dog that T got me for my birthday, prefers T. Poor T feels guilty about it. Im not upset, it happens. Im just glad we can give the little guy a home, even though he is probably the laziest dog I have ever met in my life. I still have my Joey bug...hyper and dog agressive as he is. Hes mine and he prefers ME to just about anything else in the world. And for that...I love him.

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Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

hmmm, I think it is the dogs ignoring the word of the Lord who are evil. The cat is paying attention anyway!

obladi oblada said...

lol...trust me, my.cat,is.evil.

MiMi said...

Haha! This whole wonderful post and the thing that stands out the most is "my cat is evil." Haha! All cats are evil! : )

Lisa said...

Evil cat.....hee hee!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

HEY YOU PEOPLE cats are NOT evil, cats rule!

Dogs are evil! Boooooo dogs!
Its the dogs that are going to hell for not reading the Bible. Read the post!

(trying to sound like an unbalanced stalker person)

J. said...

I don't know that I could swear off candy, I would have to replace it with something else and that might be worse. Get better

foxy said...

Misery does love company... i wish i could swear off Mexican food. It makes my butt big.

Dude. Cats are evil. And waaaaay too smart. That's why i love the dopey lopey dogs. :)

obladi oblada said...

lol...Essie..its funny that you mention "stalker" as Im about to post about that...

foxy said...

GAH! Right after i said that about "cats are evil" I saw this clip on Holy Cuteness and now i just feel like a butthole:


TOO CUTE!! There's just something about inter-species lovin that makes my heart smile. :)

Cheese said...

I definitely could not survive swearing off candy, so you are a better woman than I! I would get the DT's, then I'd just keel over and die. If I ever come up diabetic, I'm going to commit suicide by gummy worms... :o)

Heather Cherry said...

My dogs like to put their paws on my laptop while I'm typing and/or smear their nose juice all over the screen, lol.

I wanna see MORE pics of the new pup.

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