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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Joey goes missing....

So, I have had too much excitement today...that will be enough for the rest of the year, thank you. This morning as I was getting ready and all the kids were getting ready, the dogs, Joey and Carmen the Weiner Princess were carrying on and barking and whining, so I let them out back.

Our backyard is fully fenced, with an extra fence around the fruit tree area and another around the pool. Anyway, I notice Carmen at the back door wanting back in, so I let her in. No Joey. So, I whistle, to which he comes to %99.9 of the time. Still no Joey. So, I go out back and look around the corner to see if he is at the gate that leads to the front. Nope.

I walk around the yard, calling him to no avail. I check the shed, the fruit tree area, the pool area, the garage...everywhere he could have gone (even though these places were all LOCKED). I had the kids check all the rooms of the house just incase Im losing my mind (which I certainly am) and I already let him in and forgot about it. No Joey. So, about 7 minutes have gone by. I go out to the front yard and to the street and call him. Even though there is no way he could have gotten out...everything is locked and there are no holes that I know of in the fence. I couldnt see any holes....we have lived here with these dogs for five years..there has never been holes in the fence..

Anyway, my neighbor hears me yelling for Joey and comes out...and now Im crying. Yes, CRYING...see, I love my Joey bug tremendously and cant stand the thought of him lost or hurt or away from me forever.

My neighbor, me, and all three kids are looking around front and back...and now we can HEAR him barking but we cant.find.him.

About 5 more minutes goes by and my neighbor yells "Here he is!" The little turd was in a neighbors BACK yard three doors down!!!!! Behind a locked (with a padlock and a chain)gate. We have NO idea how he got there. My neighbor, who has a long rivalry with the people who live in that house, thinks they TOOK him. I dont know.

First of all, they would have to climb OVER our gate, and pick him up, and climb back over the gate, which is unlikely because A) Its broad daylight, and more importantly B) if a stranger (which is what they are to Joey) tries to pick up my bug, he would bite the crap out of them.

Im not sure what happened, but I guess Ill be spending my time after work doing a perimeter check for holes and gaps.

Carmen the Weiner Princess is the only one (other than Joey bug) who knows what happened, and she is NOT talking.


Erin said...

Do Carmen and Joey get along? Maybe she had a plan with the neighbors to get ever more of your attention - lol!

All kidding aside, I know exactly how scared you felt. Caedmon got out a few times when neighbor kids forgot to close the fence - he just went over to visit the neighbors across the street and came right home like a good boy. Our former retriever Sam got out once and she was almost out of the neighborhood before I could blink!

obladi oblada said...

Erin: LOL...yeah, I wouldnt put it past her!! It was all I could do not to bring him into work with me today...so I hug him all day long.

foxy said...

Oh man, that would have scared the CRAP out of me! I would have been crying too... it all happens so fast! As freaky as I am with my dogs, I can just tell, if i ever have kids, I'm going to be the most paranoid mother on the planet.

So glad you found him!! HUGE sigh of relief for you :)

Heather Cherry said...

Oh, thank GOD!

Funnyrunner said...

Oh cheesh I would've had tears streaming down my face. Maybe you could coerce Carmen to tell you what happened with a treat? Seriously - weird mystery....

Funnyrunner said...

an award? for you? yes! Come pick it up over at LLOL

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