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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Be more specific

So, the other day (ok it was last weekend), we got hammered with snow (and still are). I told the kids to put their snow suits on and go play. So, they did and pretty soon we loaded them all up and went and got our Christmas tree, after getting our tree we went and had lunch and hot chocolate. I was a little taken back how ever when S took off her jacket and I saw what she had underneath. She was still in her pajamas!!! I did not think it was necessary to preclude "put your snow suit on" with "get dressed in regular clothes". My fault. What was I thinking? This is what makes her who she is though. Im worried, have I said that yet? I think that I have.

There she is in her pjs drinking her cocoa in public. See, this is ironic because BEFORE I had children I would be the woman in the restaurant "tsk tsking" about the mother who was too lazy to dress her child before going out in public. Yep. That was me, oh the things I have learned.


Mel said...

yes it is always funny the specificity of the directions we need to give!!! the pjs are adorable!!

Lisa said...

That would've been me too. My whole perspective has changed and now I wouldn't be caught dead judging another parent. ;-)

Erin said...

At least they were nice pjs! :) I would NEVER think anything about another parent again....God sure showed me a lesson about that one!

rsbg said...

I LOVE it!!!!! that is too funny Crystal!

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