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Friday, June 20, 2008

"I", "V", "U"

What is it about these three letters that is so hard for Adam to remember. He knows almost his whole alphabet, but these three letters stump him nearly everyday. I guess the U and V look similar, but the I...

And can someone please tell me what it is with the alphabet song, that every kid in the universe sings LMNO together like its one word? Do teachers TEACH it that way, or is it just some wierd kid phenomenon that just happens? It took a few days for Adam to understand that he was singing four different letters there, he was saying: "emminmo-p". He gets the cutest little look on his face when he is concentrating. He says, "Im not ABLE to remember". He has a good little vocabulary.


Erin said...

One thing I did with my kindergarteners is make flash cards using index cards with each letter of the alphabet (upper and lowercase). We would play a game where I would show them the card and if they could tell me the letter, they kept it. If they didn't know the letter, I kept it. Whoever had the most cards WON! We would play it every day and the kids would get better and better because they wanted to beat me. :) You could try that with Alex and see how he does. He sounds like such a cutie pie!

Erin said...

Oh, and don't forget to include the funny looking a (like a typed a) and the funny looking g (like a typed g). We required our kindies to know those as well as all the other letters. Once he has his letters down, you could play the game again except he has to tell you the sound of the letter instead of the letter name. :)

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