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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wierd Stuff....

I did a little lunch time shopping today. You know just a "few little things" left on my Christmas list. While, out I was experiencing weird stuff...maybe its just me, but I thought they were weird.

I went to McDonald's for lunch (shut up, I like their fries, OK?) and I ordered one of the "snack wraps". The Angus Beef snack wraps. I thought the beef would be like, strips of beef...um, silly me...no.  Maybe some of you already know what it is, but just in case you dont...heres my good deed of the day. Its a tortilla (a regular tortilla, not a "wrap") with a hamburger (the Angus beef variety I guess) patty wrapped in it. Of course theres stuff like cheese and onions in it..but if I wanted a hamburger, Id get a hamburger. Or if I wanted a burrito, Id get a burrito. No need to mix the two up.

then I was standing in the crazy Christmas shopping line and I heard a checker a couple stands over talking to some one she knew..they asked her how she was, and loud enough for everyone to hear, she said:

"Im doing alright, except for having to put my Puppy down".

Talk about the sucking the Christmas spirit right out of me. That did it. Now I want to turn off all the lights in my office, curl up in a little ball, and cry. I mean her PUPPY? If she had said "Dog", it would have still been sad, but they die when they get old, and sometimes when they arent so old..but no one should have to think about a puppy, a BABY dog, with their sweet puppy breath and velvet soft tummies DYING. Its just  not Christmas conversation, ya know? What with all those kids and ME in the store. Sheesh. It did kind of get quiet after she said that too..lol.

This isnt really weird...well maybe it is...because teenagers ARE weird, and I think it falls into that category maybe. Last night was my two youngest squids Christmas concert. We had a lovely time....with the exception of A's teacher making him trade places with a little girl while he was on the risers...because he kept turning around to talk to "Connor". No amount of shaking my head and frowning could get his attention though while he was up there...so eventually it was too late....the teacher saw. He claims Connor was "poking" him in the back...know what? I BELIEVE him. I do...I know "Connor". Anyway, after the concert was over we went to my moms house so she could see their outfits. And L...my 12 year old boy (soon to be a teenager) was NOT the well behaved child he normally is. He kept messing with me and everyone else in a teasing way and would not stop, no matter how much he was asked. When he came very close to knocking over moms Christmas tree, because he was crawling under the little table she had it on (its a small tree), he was sent to the car. I just think its weird that HE is the one acting up...is this a shade of things to come when he is a teenager? Do they all think they are hilarious all the time?


Debbie said...

Wow, that Angus beef wrap thing is weird, cuz where I'm from they ARE strips of beef. (Maybe your place just ran out or something?) The wrap is still just a tortilla though. I'm not sure I knew there was a difference. :)

Steph said...

That's sad about the puppy. I probably would have cried a little.

Did you try the mom clearing the throat thing? :)

Rain Child said...

I like the McD's fries too! And teenagers are strange.

Slamdunk said...

Ha, sounds like an entertaining family. I am still happy changing diapers and not thinking about the teen years.

foxy said...

Putting down a puppy? That's horrible! Definitely not "light" conversation. How sad.

Myya said...

Well I will not be ordering that Angus beef wrap... ever! Bummer that your oldest is being such a stinker. I think it has to do with Christmas & all the excitment (and overstimulation) that goes along with it. My oldest has been the worst too, I mean she is only 5(well amost 5) and she is acting like a 2 year old. I've got a 1 yr old & a 3 yr old so why is my oldest acting the worst??? I think it is because she understands this whole Christmas thing more then the other 2. lol. I am super late commenting, sorry. Hope you had a wonderful Holiday :)

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