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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I heart Halloween tunes....

..I do. I had the best time making up the Halloween playlist for this blog. I hope you like it as much as I do. I found some old faves, as well as some really cool sufficiently creepy music. My husband always hooks the speakers up in the front yard and plays cool creepy stuff for the trick or treaters, so now I have found some more stuff to add to our arsenal of audio assaults (I just made that up, pretty neato).

So check it out, turn on your sound, and listen to my Halloween playlist. Do it now. I'll wait here. Ok...

Some of it is obvious stuff and some is not so obvious, at least I dont think it is, and its my blog so what I say goes.

In my opinion one of the coolest ghost songs is by Genesis, "Home by the Sea". It is a song that for me anyway brings on chills as well as tears. Its a song about souls trapped in a sea side home. Its beautiful and haunting and actually quite moving. Take a listen, and make sure you listen to the words. Youll hear great lines such as:

"...then out of the dark, I suddenly heard, 'welcome to the home by the sea'....shadows but no substance, in the shape of men.....help us..someone let us out of here, we've been here so long undisturbed, dreaming of the time we were free.."

Another one quite similar in subject is Sinead OConnor's "Jackie", another haunting sea/ghost song.

Of course, you have the chilly themes to movies like "Halloween" and "the Exorcist" and "Amityville Horror". These are always fun.

The Winchell's Doughnut Halloween record is fun. I had that when I was a kid..its like a creepy little tale and Halloween safety message all rolled into one. They gave them away at Winchell's when I was a kid, in the 70's. It was one of those floppy flexible, 45 size records. Very cool.

One of my new discoveries is the stuff by Manheim Steamroller. Nightmare fuel for sure, to borrow a term from my very awesome friend Ryan. I will have to acquire this for my house.

Then there is Warren Zevon...RIP. One of my favorite songs ever...Halloween or not is "Werewolves of London". They dont get much cooler than that. "Excitable Boy" by Mr. Zevon is also a dark, creepy tune...the lyrics anyway, not so much the music.

Alice Cooper's "Welcome to my Nightmare",Ozzy's "Bark at the Moon" and the Ramones "Pet Cemetery are also fun. Well heck, its ALL fun, isnt it?

Before I had children, I used to listen to My Chemical Romance, especially around Halloween. They are just a band whose lyrics are full of ghoulish imagery, and not in a slasher film type of way either, more of a romantic, gothy way (and I know the band hates to be called a "goth" band, but whatever, its my blog and last I checked I am NOT on their payroll). Anyway, I must have listened to their "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge" three hundred times in a row when I first got it. Thats really not an exaggeration either. I mean I didnt sit there and listen to it that many times in one sitting, but I must have listened to it that many times before I listened to anything else again. LOVED IT. I havent listened to it in a while because I think its too much for little kids, they need lighter stuff, in my opinion.

So hopefully you enjoy the music, and let me know of any of your favorite creepy tunes.


Lisa said...

Love Zevon....saw him at the Roxy in Atlanta about 20 years ago. He was fabulous!

Mama Drama Times Two said...

We'll be celebrating Buckshot's 11th birthday a little early by having a Halloween costume party - I may need to jack your playlist...GREAT Tunes!!!!

JennyMac said...

Since you mentioned Sinead...have you heard her version of Silent Night? in-cred-i-ble....

great playlist by the way!

obladi oblada said...

Lisa-You are sooo lucky. I would have loved to see him in concert. His last cd was good too, sad, but very good.

MDX2: Jack away!!!! Im a Halloween baby too, so I know about the costume party/birthday party thing. How fun!!!

JM: No..but now I will have a new thing to add to my Christmas playlist. I bet it is fabulous.

foxy said...

Those are GREAT! I had no idea Manheim Steamroller had such creepy music... LOVE IT. And the monster mash just takes me back...

That's my favorite album of Sinead's... and I LOVE that song. It gave me chills while I was singing along in my office. I seriously BELT that song when I'm alone in my car. Ha... :)

And the Bauhaus tune was another favorite of mine.

obladi oblada said...

Foxy: You have good taste!

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